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Sea food crab very popular ingredient and used in many basic salad dishes Video Recipes here for Crab pate Sizzling Crab Claws Crab salad snow crab legs and Easy Crab Cake

Seafood like crabs, octopus, mussels, scallops dominate the Cuisine of Spain’s North-Western coast, the region where the famous Way of St. James ends.

Galicia – For All who Love Seafood (Spain) What’s cookin’

The percebeiros, the fishermen catching “percebes” at the coast of Galicia, have a dangerous life. Barnacles are a sought-after and expensive delicacy in the fancy restaurants of Spain. This videos follows the life of Manolo Seráns and his family. Out to sea and in the kitchen, where all kinds of seafood such as St. James and clams or sea spiders are prepared. Have a look on recipes like seafood empanadas, Caldeirada de pulpo, scallops au gratin and more.

Spanish Crab Pate (Paté de cangrejo)

A delicious yet simple Crab pate made from local Dorset ingredients, with a Spanish twist. Thanks to head chef, Kevin Mansfield of the New Inn on Portland. Sea Food crab Recipe.

How To Make Sizzling Crab Claws Recipes | Easy Crab Recipes | How To Cook Crab Good Recipe

HOW TO MAKE CRAB SALAD. Sea Food crab Recipe

Quick and Easy HOW TO MAKE CRAB SALAD. Combine crab meat and celery in a bowl. Mix Light mayonnaise, onion, cucumber, celery, and salt and pepper together. Pour over crab meat. Toss together and refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving. Sea Food crab Recipe.

How to cook Snow Crab Leg in the oven – Easy Seafood Recipe.

Make snow crab legs for dinner with my easy recipe. In this video I’m going to show you how to cook crab in the oven. In the tutorial I used snow crab, but you can use king crab, or your favorite crab legs. Sea Food crab Recipe.

Crab: Buying, Cooking, Cracking
Sea Food crab
Sea Food crab

Sea Food crabThere’s something about crab that makes any dish decadent-whether in a rustic weeknight pasta or atop a cocktail party hors d’oeuvres.

And no matter the species, those sweet hunks of crabmeat always taste like pure indulgence.

Along the Pacific, Dungeness crab is most popular, and with crab season extending from November in San Francisco through early fall in Alaska, locals and tourists alike can be found at crab feasts and festivals nearly year-round.

Filled with gorgeous photos celebrating all stages of enjoying this most succulent crustacean-from catching to consuming-this complete guide offers tips for buying, cleaning, preparing, cooking, cracking, and, of course, eating crab.

Using crab of all types (blue, King, soft-shell, and more), the recipes range from the traditional to the more exotic, including Crab Louis, Chile-Glazed Crab Lollipops, Fisherman’s Wharf Crab Cakes, and Crab Beignets, with options to feed appetites both big and small. Just crack open CRAB to find inspiration for turning any meal into a festive, finger-licking occasion.

Easy Crab Cake Recipe

Easy Crab Cake Recipe – how to make the best crab cakes! Sea Food crab Recipe.

Cooking Spanish Style covering most areas Mediterranean

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