Eche long term Rentals

Elche long term Rental in Elche City largest palm forest in Europe

Ideal Base in SPAIN only 10 minutes from Alicante International Airport—-

Long Term property Rental at Elche in the City Centre in Plaza de La Glorieta overlooking the Cities main plaza .

JUST AVAILABLE  An upmarket 4 bed 2 bath apartment 2nd floor with a lift. Price:1575 euros per month. Plus Normal Bills.  Tastefully Furnished.  Aircon in all rooms.

Owner requests that they are after mature tenants Only In their 50s or over . Owner says not suitable for pets. This will go quickly it is fairly rare for one in this area to be available. .

Elche City

Elche the third largest city in the region and one of the most visited. Founded by the Moors (who moved the town from its original position at L’Alcudia) also here you will find the largest plantation of palms in Europe – hence an excellent example of the agricultural practices brought here during the Arab occupation of Spain in the 10th century.

Palms, furthermore dotted all around the city, give the place an exotic feel and still produce income from their dates.

Mystery of Elche

Mystery of Elche – 13th – 15th August An interesting two-part theatre production of a mystery play is held on the 14th and 15th August (public dress rehearsal on the 13th).

First of all the story is centred on the death of the virgin and her assumption to heaven and it has been performed since the 15th century in the picturesque Basilica of Saint Mary of Elche. As a result the is a very popular event each year.

Over 300 singers perform to almost the entire town, with a final procession through the streets bringing the occasion to a most noteworthy end.

Therefore if you wanted to even more take part in an enchanting and traditional occasion you can, it doesn’t get much better than this. Elche Tourist Office: Tel. (+34) 965 452 747              (+34) 965 452 747

Mystery of ‘The Lady of Elche’ Atlantean Godess – Ancients Advanced Tech Artifact Evidence

Mystery of ‘The Lady of Elche’ Atlantean Godess – The Ancients Artifact Evidence Advanced.


Elche long term Rentals available