Barinatxe Fabric Free Beach now an International yearly race

Barinatxe Clothes free beach Sopelana near Bilbao

Barinatxe Nudist Beach is famous for its internationally known event, the yearly fabric free race on Barinatxe beach in July of each year. Now known as an internationally event and well attended each year

Barinatxe Nudist Beach

The beach is just a 10-minute drive from Bilbao
Now known as an internationally event, this is the yearly fabric free race on Barinatxe beach in July. Barinatxe is a clothing optional beach.
Barinatxe Nudist Beach Sopelana
GPS: N:43° 22’ 54.72″ – W:3° 0’ 29.81″
The annual Patxi Ros Trophy Nudist Race is held here.

Barinatxe Nudist Beach Location

Located between Bizkaia’s towns of Sopelana and Getxo, Barinatxe Beach is also known as La Salvaje (The Wild). It is a wide-open beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs that has also a nudist area.
Likewise, the beach offers the opportunity to practise many sports, being surfing the most remarkable one due to the heavy swell. The cliffs are perfect for practising paragliding.
Apart from having public toilets, showers, litter bins and many bars, the beach is equipped with a wide car park (pay car park in summer) near a children playground. Lifeguards service:11am – 8pm and beach keepers guard the beach.
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Barinatxe Nudist Beach

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No Bating Suits
No Bathing Suits

I’d never fancied a ‘nakation’ and if we hadn’t stumbled across Barinatxe nudist beach, in Sopelana, while on a surf safari of Spain’s rugged northern coast, I never would have sought one out.

After all, aren’t nudist beaches full of wrinkly grannies and gawping perverts?

I’d always imagined them to be packed with a throng of people I wouldn’t want to see naked. But, while there are a few oldies here, there are plenty of buff young dudes and pretty girls, too.

We find a secluded spot on the grass by the cliffs and quickly shed our clothes. Like removing a plaster, I decide that it’ll be a lot less painful if I peel off my bikini as fast as possible.
I arrange my towel carefully to minimise the chance of sand getting where it shouldn’t and start applying suncream, wishing I’d brought another bottle: I’m going to need more than I was expecting. At least it will be a good opportunity to toast those lily-white bits that never see daylight.

Barinatxe Nudist Beach

Peaceful Barinatxe beach, untouched by mass tourism and sheltered by craggy cliffs, is a 752-metre-long dreamscape, frequented mostly by locals – as such, it’s blissfully free of the crowds of Brits you’ll find in the sun-baked south.

It’s also the setting for an annual 5000km fabric free race, which takes place every July to promote naturism.
The beach is just a 10-minute drive from Bilbao – famed for its dazzling ark-like Guggenheim Museum, a shiny titanium creation, and its atmospheric Old Town, chocka with pintxos (Basque tapas) bars.

Late Starter

When it comes to bare beaches, Spain was one of Europe’s late starters, introducing its first one in 1979. But according to nudists’ bible, The World Guide to Bare Beaches, Spain is “now amongst the most enthusiastic and progressive advocates of the bare beach lifestyle”.

Barinatxe Nudist Beach

If you fear – or hope – this nudist beach is a hotbed of debauchery, think again.

There are no orgies, copulating or naked exhibitionism – no genitals are being waved in my face, thankfully.

Among the bathers are families with children and, in many ways, it’s just an ordinary beach with ordinary bathers, sans swimwear.

True naturists like to be at one with nature, not be exhibitionists.
There is one couple in their fifties, however, who spend the day parading up and down the beach – are they exercising or are they flouting their bits?

I can’t help but stare at everyone, as I’m not used to seeing such a sea of genitalia. The longer I sit here pretending to read my book, the more I learn about male and female anatomy.

By the end of the day, being naked feels normal and it almost feels like a chore to get dressed again. But at least I get to go home with the perfect no-strap-marks tan.

Barinatxe beach,Getxo-Sopela (Euskalherria – Basque Country)

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