Victoria 11 La Marina

Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant Consum Square Large interesting menu

Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant La Marina

Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant  La Marina

Victoria 11 La Marina

Victoria 11 opens seven days a week from 12.00 midday till 12.00 midnight..
You will find that the staff are very friendly and do speak English.

In the winter months the restaurant is heated and has a warm atmosphere about it.
Plus before serving you your meal they remove your plates and bring them back lovely and hot for when the meal is served.

Phone Number

966 79 54 90   Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant


In the Summer months Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant has ample of seating outside as well including a much appreciated and rather hard to find Non Smoking area, as well as the smokers area.

Victoria 11 table Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant has a very large choice on the menu listing over 100 different items to choose from.

You can choose from 

There is a very large terrace out the back that has exceptional views, in the evening it is a delight to sit and watch the Sunset.

Consum Square

Or just sit out the front and watch the world go by in Consum Square.

Long term rentals

LONG TERM RENTALS La Marina Area Costa Blanca Now available

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La Marina Area Often Called Little England NOW this is a very popular area

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Come and Follow local happening’s and even a bit of what’s going on and where.

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Consum Square

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