Lorre Castle Aragon

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Historical Loarre castle

Loarre castle Castillo de Loarre located near the town of the same name said one of the oldest castles in Spain Loarre, Huesca Aragon🏰

Address: A-1206, 22809 Loarre, Huesca

Phone974 34 21 61

Parking, shop, cafeteria, guided tours, great views and history”


The castle was built in the 11th century by King Sancho III and the archaeological find of Roman coins suggests that it was built on Calagurris Fibularia.

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Its formidable maintenance has allowed the filming of different films, among which Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven (2006) stands out.

If you don’t know what to visit in Spain, Loarre Castle is, without a doubt, a very important place to visit where you will travel back to the Middle Ages.

Visiting the Loarre castle, Huesca Spain

Loarre castle is the best preserved romanesque castle in the world!

Stroll around the castle, discover its hidden corners, enjoy the magnificent Romanesque-Jaqués art with its oriental nuances which fills its Church-defensive tower and spills out into its spires.

Relish the uniformity of the Lombard walls, be thrilled by studying the tryptich windows emerging from its most exquisite tower, (on the same level, facing it from above the apse of the church of San Pedro).

Discover the hidden inscription of the name Sancivs carved into a stone, or its ancient script which is difficult to read and evokes endless uncertainties and moments of pleasure for sensitive souls.

Castillo de Loarre

The Castle of Loarre is an eleventh century fortress and one of the best conserved castles of northern Spain.

Castle of Loarre is a Romanesque Castle and Abbey located near the town of the same name, Huesca Province in the Aragon autonomous region of Spain. It is one of the oldest castles in Spain

Loarre castle

Loarre castle

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Loarre castle

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