horse riding breaks

Horse Riding Breaks splendid rides on the Mediterranean beaches

Who fancies a Horse Riding Break Find and compare 60 plus interesting horse riding hacking holidays in Espana

Horse riding Breaks in Spain goes back centuries and horses have helped build the Spanish empire, back in the day.

This is why riding here is still very much a beloved tradition.

Go on splendid rides on the Mediterranean beaches, in forests or even in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Whatever strikes your fancy, we are sure to have it! If you’re yearning for some awesome trails and stunning scenery, book any of our horse holidays right now!

Horse Riding Breaks

Relaxing Horse Riding Holiday Spain

Horse riding holidays Andalusia

Experience a riding holiday in Spain and enjoy riding through the beautiful scenery at a pace that suits your ability.

You will be accompanied by the guides on rides that are well thought out and above all relaxing and great fun.

Hacienda Horses are passionate about giving you the very best possible riding holiday in Spain.

They will create a friendly atmosphere with great company so you can relax and enjoy every wonderful moment!

Horse Riding Breaks Have that ultimate equestrian escape on an Andalucia horse riding holiday.

Horse Riding Breaks
Equestrian breaks

An Andalucia horse riding vacation will allow you to explore one of the many beautiful parts of the area.

Most holidays here take place in the heart of Andalucia, which is free from traffic and crowds.

You’ll be able to follow secret trails and marvel at the wonderful countryside. Let’s also not forget about your ride, which is going to be the noble Andalucian horse!

No in the sadle enthusiast can deny that their calm and understanding nature is enough to entrance anyone into the art.

Hacking Breaks Spain

Horse Riding Holidays in the Balearic Islands of Spain

Equestrian breaks
Equestrian breaks

Try a beginner program that addresses to those who want to have an introduction to the horses’ world and learn how to ride or improve their technique.


Do you want to learn to jump or brush up your dressage skills? Now you can enjoy this magnificent experience for a week on Son Menut’s jumping program.

Horse Riding Breaks Sevilla Epona Carmona

Train Trail Riding Holiday Carmona Cadiz

Horse Riding Breaks
Horse Riding Breaks

This one-week holiday is designed for those who share our passion for horses.

The combination of “trail and training” is ideal for riders who believe that trail is one of the best ways to have fun, make new friends, and see the area from another angle.

During your stay, you can relax from the stress of modern-day lifestyles while devoting some time to improving your skills so that your confidence and enjoyment of horses will increase greatly over the week!

A choice of Andalucían Mindful Meditation & Yoga Retreats

6 Day Mindful Luxury Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Almeria

The Mindful Luxury Retreat aims to help you improve your technique and skill and give you the tools that are needed to keep informing you long after the retreat has ended.

We want you to feel that you have learned and practiced in a creatively nurturing environment and you have gained in confidence and ability, therefore, we limit the number of participants to ensure one to one modifications and encouragement with over 20 hours of professional tuition.

Please contact us for guidance and help at every stage of booking and participation.

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Horse Riding Breaks
Horse riding breaks
Horse Breaks
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Horse riding breaks
Horse riding breaks
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