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Culinary Vacations Spain now is time to improve

Cooking Vacations Spain your Choice where plus type of course

Culinary Vacations Spain culinary vacations, wine tours, and cooking holidays in Spain. The choice is your come and explore what interests you. Learn new ways


Culinary Vacations Spain Cooking Holidays in Spain

Mediterranean Food

Find and compare 39+ cooking holidays in Spain to learn how to cook the Spanish cuisine

Available Tours and Holidays

Find and compare 101+ culinary vacations, wine tours, and cooks holidays in Spain.

The choice is your come and explore what interests you.

7 Day Spanish Course and Gourmet Cooking Holiday in Madrid

This vacation is available all year round with arrivals on Sunday. This program must be booked at least one month in advance.

Cooking Madrid
culinary cooking

7 Day Spanish and Cooking Course in the City of Granada, Andalusia


Guest House, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Cooking Course Granada

Are you looking to learn about Spain’s language, culture, and food?

Then come and join Escuela Montalban as they offer an intensive Spanish language and culinary course in Spain.

Master a new language or build upon your Spanish in a friendly atmosphere with a personal touch and learn how to prepare some of the most exquisite recipes with a professional chef coming from Al-Andalus times.

Get immersed in the Spanish way of life and practice your new skills while staying with your host family!

Mediterranean Food

Cooking Spanish Seafood Paella
watch the videos
Lets make the famous rice and shellfish dish
from Spain that is world wide known.
Three different versions on video.

This Spanish language and passion for gourmet food course will bring the best of the Spanish cuisine together with a deep understanding of the language and related vocabulary.

In Spain, gastronomy is written in capital letters.

In the last few years, the whole world has been talking about the Spanish gastronomy and some global experts consider it a world leader for its creativity, innovative capacity, diversity, and vitality.

Culinary Vacations Spain

COOKING Mediterranean style.  Is this one of your loves in your life or are you a Foodie? 

Are you interested in Spanish cooking or even Mediterranean dishes? 

If so, this is an invitation to come and view this fairly popular site.

learn spanish cooking in spain
learn spanish cooking in spain

cooking madrid
cooking madrid
mediterranean food
Typical Mediterranean food
Mediterranean cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
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tapas cooking class Spain
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culinary school vacations
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catering courses Spain
Culinary Vacations Spain catering courses Spain

Culinary Vacations

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