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Cookery Holidays Traditional food from across the world Cuisine Local Dishes

Indonesia Cuisine
Cuisine Local Dishes

Cookery Holidays Cuisine Local Dishes A cuisine is a style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes, and usually associated with a specific culture or geographic regions.

A cuisine is primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally Regional Cuisines
Traditional dishes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Come and view videos from local Chefs and information from  local food writers Ideal footage for your next holiday vacation trip or possibly try a few dishes before your next holiday. Or even impress your friends on your next party night.

Cuisine Local Dishes

British Cooking Holidays and Street Food

Pie and Mash
Cuisine Local Dishes

British Street foods when on holiday that is the time to sample typical British street foods from Fish and Chips to pie mash and potatoes or grilled fish best places are often market areas.

Go on and enjoy the vacation.

Brazilian food includes Street Food Guide
Cookery Holidays Salgadinhos Brazil
Salgadinhos Brazil

Brazilian food

Brazilian food traditional recipes from across Brazil.

Plus info on Brazilian street food Video recipes for Salgadinhos  Coxinha Feijoada  Brazilian Black Bean Stew Recipe Enjoy

Bulgarian local Dishes for the Body and Soul

How to Cook Bulgarian Musaka Moussaka
Cuisine Local Dishes

Bulgarian local cuisine dishes shares a number of dishes with Russian Italian Greek cuisine and even Middle Eastern cuisines

Soups and stews salads appetizers meals and desserts. See the Local videos

Cambodian cuisine and Street Food

cambodian food Cambodian cuisine Cuisine Local Dishes
Cuisine Local Dishes

Cambodian cuisine Local  Cuisine Dishes. Khmer cuisine or, more generally, Cambodian cuisine, is the traditional cuisine  of Cambodia.

Average meals typically consists of more than one dish and ideally contrasts flavours, textures and temperatures within the meal using plenty of herbs, leaves, pickled vegetables, dipping sauces, edible flowers and other garnishes and condiments.

Chinese cuisine Cantonese

Sweet and Sour Pork
Cuisine Local Dishes

Cantonese cuisine traditional Chinese comes from Guangdong province and is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine.

Video info on the most important and popular

Chinese Sichuan cuisine

Bon Bon Chicken with Sauce
Cuisine Local Dishes

Chinese Sichuan cuisine, Szechwan cuisine, or Szechuan cuisine  is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China.

It has bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor of the Sichuan pepper.

Costa Rican Food Discover whats on offer

EATING COSTA RICA Cuisine Local Dishes
Cuisine Local Dishes

Costa Rican Food Informative guide for Costa Rica from what to eat suggestions

An insight into typical street foods Watch the videos to get a flavour ot the country.

Food Lover’s Guide to the World 1: Experience the Great Global Cuisines (Lonely Planet)

Cuisine Local Dishes
cuisine around the world

The world is your oyster. Or hot dog. Or gozleme. Or camembert.

When we travel, it’s often love at first bite. Food Lover’s Guide to the World presents a lifetime of eating experiences what will lead you from one end of the globe to the other.

Take your taste buds on a tour around the world and cook up your next great culinary adventure.

With rich photography and a comprehensive exploration of the world’s great food traditions, this is the perfect gift for the adventurous foodie in your life.

Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine
Cuisine Local Dishes

Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward with many vegetables and little meat.

Breakfast and lunch are typically bread with toppings like cheese while dinner is meat and potatoes supplemented with seasonal vegetables.

Indonesian local dishes

Food of Indonesia Cuisine Local Dishes
Cuisine Local Dishes

Indonesian local dishes Street Food In Indonesia. Watch the videos and possible even have a try yourself.

Authentic Recipes from Indonesia including easy to follow recipes with detailed descriptions of ingredients and cooking methods.

Irish Cuisine

Irish Fruit Loaf
Cuisine Local Dishes

Irish cuisine the style of cooking that originated from Ireland Such as Guinness.

Beef Stew plus try Making the Best Healthy Irish Dublin Coddle plus traditional Irish Barmbrack loaf

Cookery Holidays Moroccan Local Dishes

Easy Tagine Moroccon Cuisine Local Dishes
Cuisine Local Dishes

Moroccan Local Dishes  they abound with subtle spices and intriguing flavour combinations.

Learn how to make these classic Moroccan dishes dishes like Couscous, Tagines. Plus info about Moroccan street food.

Philippines Filipino food

Spring Rolls
Cuisine Local Dishes

Philippines Filipino food Philippine cuisine local recipes style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from its Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Malay, Spanish, Chinese.

Spanish Local Dishes

Vegetable paella Cuisine Local Dishes
Cuisine Local Dishes

Spanish Local Dishes Spanish food recipes many having a videos to help explain  Cooking Spanish style and listing the ingredients and cooking method.

Cooking Spanish style. The Delights Spanish Food Spain cooking Spanish style.

Welsh Cuisine

Cookery Holidays welsh cuisine
Cuisine Local Dishes

Welsh Cuisine Despite being poorly recorded traditional cookery of Wales does exist

It finds its roots in the day to day meals of local folk.

Interesting video selection.

Kotthu Roti – Street Food from Sri Lanka

The popular beach on Galle Face in Colombo is buzzing with hawkers – foods, toys, trinkets and needless to say, we noticed that the food hawkers were the most popular.

We were obviously in the right place. Kotthu Roti or Kottu Parotha is what we made a bee-line for.

We have a video for an egg version on our website (Click here) and wanted to see the differences between the two. To say the least, we were not disappointed. The cool breeze, the spicy dish and the empty stomach – everything hit the spot!

3 Days Market Tour and Paella Cooking Class in Madrid, Spain

Cookery Holidays Unique Culinary Tour in Spain

Cuisine Local Dishes

This listing has one of the 10 most popular offers available in Spain

Looking for an epic culinary experience in Spain? Join Foodies in the city as they take you on a market tour, paella cooking, and olive grove tour adventure in Madrid.

Discover fresh ingredients and learn to cook authentic traditional Spanish dishes and find the most hidden culinary secrets of the Spanish culture. Join for a delectable cultural and gastronomic hands-on experience preparing Spanish dishes and drinks!

Cuisine Local Dishes

COOKING, Baking and Good Old fashioned Home Cooked Meals.

This is an invitation to come and have a look at another Groups Facebook page. It is called Cooking, Baking and Good Old fashioned Home Cooked Meals.

I wanted to set this group up to encourage ORIGINAL RECIPES from across the World and to experiment cooking at home new dishes from scratch and to eat well
I hope you enjoy the posts I and other share and if you try any recipes please share them on here too xxx

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