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Wood Burners Chiminea a popular fire place that delivers all-round🔥

Chiminea Wood Burners all round warmth

Wood Burners Chiminea Stand alone metal heating systems. They give out far more heat than the standard conventional Spanish fire place plus easy to use🔥

Bronpi Wood Burners

The above video is from a major Major distributor over here in Spain, who carries over 50 models to choose from. Most local firms who advertise wood burners seem to carry their catalogue and models in their stores

Do you know our Heat Accumulation System? This system, developed in several of our Bronpi wood-burning models, allows heat to be maintained for up to 4 more hours after the fuel has run out, with which we gain economic savings in fuel and greater comfort.


Wood Stove: Best Wood Burning Stove (Buying Guide)

Wood Stove:

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How to Run an Overnight Burn

How to run an overnight burn. One of the great parts to owning a fire place is lettings it burn overnight, heating up your home while you comfortably sleep at night. To perform such a burn, a few easy steps must be followed:

1. Get a fire going in your fire box starting with paper/ firelighters and kindling, start adding wood going from wood the size of your forearm, then bicep and then thigh. Once you have reached the end of this process and your flames are standing up tall, you are now ready to start preparing for an overnight burn.

2. For starters, turn the air intake on your fireplace to low for at least 30 minutes before adding anymore wood to reduce the temperature in the firebox.

3. Once the temperature drops and the flames slow down, insert as many large logs in your unit of possible making sure they are running front to back.

4. The morning after you can restart your fire with the embers from the night before. Just insert some kindling and a piece of wood about the size of your forearm and wait for the flames to catch again. If the embers are not enough then you may need to us some paper or firelighters.


How to Use a Wood Burning Stove

Starting a fire with a wood burning stove takes patience and a bit of know-how.

Here’s also a quick cheat to starting your fire and keeping it running efficiently.

1. Make sure your damper is vertical! (The video shows clearly where that is.)

2. Use dry twigs. If the twigs are dry, they snap easily. If you can’t find dry twigs, establish a base fire with match-light charcoal.

3. Avoid paper if possible! It’s always better to start your base with twigs or match-light charcoal. If you can’t find any of that, use cardboard instead of paper.

4. Blow on the fire a lot. The more you blow, the better. Don’t use an electrical fan though as that might smoke out your space.

5. Remember the basics: Heat rises. So always focus on creating your initial bed of fiery coals before moving onto other steps.

6. Smaller is always better! Big logs will suffocate your fire. Use the smallest wood you can find, particaurly in the early stages of starting the fire.

7. Be patient and enjoy art of making a fire with a wood burning stove.

Wood Burners


From Rich Pick

We had our pellet burner 12 kw Nórdica extra flame 9 years ago, best thing we ever did, direct from Nórdica supplier, they stated we only required an 8 kw but we went for 12 kw just in case we ever had a Nordic blast -10 etc but very rarely use over setting 1, which heats our whole home to 21 c , word of caution, use pellets with no more than 6.5 recent humidity in them , they burn longer , hotter and produce less ash.

I service my own fire once a year, normally in September, but as I say, we tried all other forms of heating and this wins in every area, cost, cleanliness and everything in between.

Another word of warning , don’t don’t buy a cassette type , as placing in the wall looses at least 25 percent of the heat .

Wood Burners

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Solar Panels in Spain

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Wood Burners Chiminea

Wood Burner
Wood Burners


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