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Food Drink Food & Drink in Spain. A few interesting tips on food and drink in Spain. An interesting watch are the videos.

Albondigas Spanish meatballs come try some

Wine from Spain good selection from different areas

Wine from Spain selection of areas and types Wine is an ideal present. And a great way of surprising relatives and or friends. Ideal at Christmas or for Anniversaries and of course as a Birthday present Top Sellers mixed Wine case – Red (Case of 12) Our most important mixed case of the year! Why? … Continue readingWine from Spain good selection from different areas

Spanish cuisine as opposed to other national cuisines in Europe, is heavily influenced by regional cuisines and the particular historical processes that shaped culture and society in those territories.

Seafood Paella Recipes famous rice shellfish dish from Spain

Geography and climate, had great influence on cooking methods and available ingredients, and these particularities are still present in the gastronomy of the various regions that make up the country.

Spanish cuisine derives from a complex history, where invasions of the country and conquests of new territories modified traditions and made new ingredients available.

Cooking Spanish Style covering Mediterranean

Learn to order food and drinks in Spanish. Sound as if you were born eating tacos and Coronas.

Avoid making common mistakes while ordering in Spanish. Use the most common phrases to order food while on vacation.

After watching this video you will be ready to order in Spanish and avoid starving on your precious vacation in Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, or the Dominican Republic.

Food DrinkFood Drink

Now in its 26th edition, this is the definitive guide to Spanish wine.  Each year a team of tasters travels to every wine-growing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages, and this year’s edition of the guide contains information on almost 11,000 new wines.

Whatever your budget, this is the indispensible guide for those who want to discover the best of Spanish wine.

If you visit the Basque Country, you will undoubtedly fall in love. Located on the Spanish-French border in Northern Spain, it is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants, spectacular modern architecture and dramatic scenery.

In Basque, José Pizarro will take readers on a journey around this magical place, taking inspiration from traditional dishes and local ingredients, and adding his own unique twist.

From the delicious bite-sized morsels known as pintxos Basque-style tapas to more hearty main meals and sumptuous desserts, José will show you how easy it is to prepare Spanish food at home.

The cuisine of this region is wonderful to share with family and friends but it’s also about informality and not being a slave to your stove.

Set to the backdrop of the stunning views of San Sebastián and the rest of the Basque Country, Basque is a culinary jaunt around one of Spain’s most colourful and exciting destinations.

‘José Pizarro is an amazing cook who has brought us the best of Spanish food.’ Claudia Roden.

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