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Solar rooftop this is now the time to install reduce your bills⚡

Local Solar rooftop Spain Costa Blanca

Competition and Activity

Solar rooftop It would seem that more and more Companies are taking part in offering Solar Panel installation to us here in this area?📌


It is rather noticeable that as one looks up to roof height there seems to be more Panels appearing on the skyline.

Judging by the feedback there is quite a saving from these installations and Electricity bills are being reduced

Solar Rooftop


Solar rooftop save energy and money observations from a questionnaire placed on a group placed in La Marina on the Costa Blanca

From a posting on facebooks La Marina info group

Solar rooftop
Solar Panels

Below are a few of the replies

Maureen Rawlings We had ours fitted a couple of months ago and we have been accepted for the grant to fit from Government (but time wise this is Spain Solar rooftop🤣Solar rooftop🤣Solar rooftop🤣) and our bills have reduced substantially. We used Clean Energy next to Mercadona found them helpful and efficient before and after the fit


Pedro LaClair Had a great deal on electricity until we didn’t. Not fixed so up they went, every upwards. Had panels by Clean Energy and although it took a while for the install, same everywhere it seems, bills went through the floor. Well pleased. If the cost had not gone up, would not have done this but very pleased. Winter will give us another story maybe as the sun drops and the days shorten. but hey, so far, so good. Clean Energy, did a good job once they got to us.


With Battery back up

Julia Baxter We have solar panels with battery back up and we are very pleased with them. We’ve stayed on grid with Iberdrola and now only pay standard small charge. What we don’t use goes back to grid and we get compensation for it from Iberdrola. We don’t regret it at all.


  • Marton Adrian FlorianSolar rooftopI paid 6700 eur for my 5.4 kw system, 12 panels. Facing S-E so not ideal, but even so it produces electricity from 8am till 7:30 pm. 4,3 kw peak between 12-13:30. We do washing during the day, I set the boiler to heat the water only during the day, and I charge my EV at home during the day.


  • Julia Baxter We have solar panels with battery back up and we are very pleased with them. We’ve stayed on grid with Iberdrola and now only pay standard small charge. What we don’t use goes back to grid and we get compensation for it from Iberdrola. We don’t regret it at all. We did get license for them just so all legal. Clean energy fitted and supplied them. Hope this helps


Graham Scoones Ian Dundas-Collins 
my bills have been reduced from 380 euros per month to 11 euros.

Installed 6kw. 12 panels.

Wayne Garton Graham Scoones is there a feed in payment for the electric you generate but don’t use? Like when your at work and the kids at school but the suns doing it’s thing?

Graham Scoones Wayne Garton yes , we get paid by iberdrola for the power we do not use. The yellow is what we have used, the grey is what we sold back

Usage graph yellow is consumed

Solar rooftop


Mark LangtonI fitted mine myself, best investment ever!

Ann Ana Mark Langton where did you buy the panels from and did you need special tools please?

Mark LangtonI got absolutely everything that I needed in Brico Mart in Murcia, no special tools other than a multi meter…. Loads of tutorials are available for free on-line. go into youtube for videos

Mark Langton The approximate cost was 1200€ per 1KW… so 3KW = 3600€ for Materials. I can weld so I made the frames myself.

Solar rooftop

50% Tax Discounts and Interest Free Financing | Solar in Spain

Solar Power installers in the La Marina area


Clean Energy Solutions. Peter Wolff. They have an office near Mercadona and Budget Burners In the area where the weely Saturday market is held La Marina San Fulgencio


James Morris For info and quotes speak with

Solar rooftop


Roman Savchuk

ootpSnsredhm71e3ct4 1egg404 r06i00a43D43119t632geag3a02hba94  · Solar rooftop🇬🇧Solar rooftop🇩🇪Solar rooftop🇳🇴Solar rooftop🇧🇪Solar rooftop🇫🇷Solar rooftop🇳🇱whats app Solar rooftop🌐 +34622089998
Company Multihomeservice 24/7
Our company sells and installs solar panels for:
Solar rooftop☀️1.Heating water.
Solar rooftop☀️2.Electricity production.
Solar rooftop☀️3.Heating the pool water.
Solar rooftop☀️4.Pumps for heating water in pools.
Solar rooftop☀️5.Tarpaulins for pools.
Solar rooftop☀️6.Heating in houses.
We are the manufacturer’s representatives in Spain


Paul Boey

  · Group Energy advises and installs solar panels, heat pumps and air conditioners, for private individuals and companies, to reduce and optimise the energy bill. In all our advice we calculate the best payback period. Ask our

La Marina 03177 San Fulgencio+34 653 49 15 27

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C Lean Energy

  · 20 Solar panels fitted! Next inverter and battery bank. 7Kw 3 fase inverter and 10Kw high voltage lithium battery. Another house ready for the future! ‍🛸Are you interested in any solar products?

Solar rooftop🇬🇧
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For more information or your FREE QUOTE:

Solar rooftop📍 Location: Calle Mar Jónico 4 – locales 1-3. 03177 San Fulgencio (next to mercadona)Solar rooftop☎️Call: 965 022 266Solar rooftop📞 Whatsapp: 693 031 044Solar rooftop📧 Email:🌍 Website: www.cleanenergysolutions.esSolar rooftop✍️News/Blog:


Mariposa Energía

Solar rooftop

Page · Electricity provider

Solar rooftop

Mariposa Energía is a green energy company, providing solar panels and energy switch across Spain.

Solar rooftop

Solar garden systems

Lighting systems using FREE Power from the Sun. Easy to install in your outside area in the garden. Interestingly light up on entry of any movement of yourself of possible an unwelcome intruder? Handy also as personal presents for those who are hard to please?

Sola garden LIGHTS
Garden Solar systems
Sola garden LIGHTS
Solar garden systems

Solar rooftop

Solar Power System For Home: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Solar power for homes is increasing in popularity and decreasing in price.

Many homeowners are discovering the advantages of Solar Power and you may have even seen quite a few solar panel systems being installed in your own neighbourhood.

You’re probably wondering: How much do solar panels cost? How much money will I save on my electricity bill?

How solar panels work?

Are solar panels worth it?

This video is a general overview of solar energy for beginners so you can make the best possible decisions regarding solar power for your home.

A solar panel (or photovoltaic panel) is a panel made of solar cells. Solar cells are the essential component by which light is converted into electrical energy and they are usually made of crystalline silicon.

Each solar panel usually contains from 32 up to 96 solar cells.

Depending on the way solar cells are made, solar panels are categorized as polycrystalline, mono-crystalline, or thin film.


The first two categories, which are the most common types of solar panels, are made of crystalline solar cells. The third category (thin film) is made of amorphous silicon. Frameless solar panels have been on the market for more than a decade.

Also, solar shingles and solar tiles popularized by the tesla solar roof are two types of products that are becoming more popular among residential applications.

How do solar panels work?

Solar cells produce electricity by converting the tremendous solar energy that the earth receives every day in the form of sunlight and more specifically in the form of photons.

Most typical commercial solar solutions convert sunlight to electrical energy at an average efficiency of 3 – 17% In order to have a complete system that will produce electricity for your home, you need the following components:

Components needed

a) solar panels b) solar panel mounting structures c) an inverter d) an electrical panel with the necessary switches and circuit breakers e) DC and AC electrical cables f) Power meter.

Generally, residential solar systems are separated into 2 main categories: off-grid and on-grid.

Off Grid Solar rooftop

In the case of an off-grid system, the electricity generated by the solar system will be used to cover 100% of the electrical usage of a home since the house is not connected to the electrical grid at all.

On Grid Solar rooftop

In a on-grid system, the house where the solar panels are installed is connected to the main power grid.

Electricity generated by the solar panels can either cover the electrical needs of the house or when you produce more electricity than needed, it is sent to the power grid.

With net metering, your monthly electricity bill is calculated both ways, based on the net of your overall energy consumption and the monthly output from your solar panels.

If you are producing more energy than you’re using the utility company will actually pay you!

How much will I save on my electricity bills if I install solar panels? How much you actually save depends on a number of factors. Where you live matters a lot. Sunnier is better.

Solar rooftop

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San Francisco De Asis, Urb Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain.

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