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Spanish easy-to-follow AIOLI ALLIOLI  ALIOLI GARLIC MAYO video recipes

Aioli is a lovely fragrant type of mayonnaise that perfectly compliments fish, seafood, chicken or pork, give these aioli video recipes a try this for yourself Aioli for you.

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How To Make The Perfect Alioli.

Watch How To Make The Perfect Alioli from the world’s leading how to specialist. This guide will give you informative instructions to make sure you get good at sauces, spanish food, less than 30 minutes, no cooking recipes, egg recipes, garlic.

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Making Aioli (Catalan).

Aïoli might sound fancy, but it’s actually a simple garlic mayo. Check out this video to learn how to make your own.

If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can put some salt down on the cutting board put a slice of garlic over the salt (or visa versa)  and take the side of a wide knife and press hard and ‘smear’ the garlic and salt back and forth until pasty.

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Allioli (or Alioli, and even Aioli) is a very consumed sauce in Spain, specially in the northeast regions (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencia, Aragon, Murcia). It goes great with fish, seafood and fish&seafood based recipes, like rice, fideuà, paella.
You can add it to many dishes, enriching the dish with the garlic flavor. It is consumed not only typical from this regions, but it is also known in the south of France, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries.

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The most typical version of it in Spain contains just oil and garlic.
There you have the name: all (garlic) + i (and) + oli (oil).
But this preparation needs a lot of time, and you need patience, as you need to be making circular and regular movements while adding the oil drop by drop during at least 20 minutes.
So, guess what happens in the daily life: people use to add egg or egg yolk to it, so you can prepare allioli in just 3 minutes with the help of a blender!! Important issues to have in mind: the egg needs to be at room temperature, and you need to add some lemon juice drops (or vinegar).
It is amazing, if you try it out, I’m sure you will surprise and astonish everyone around.
Just be very careful and consume it freshly made (right away or stored in fridge for maximum 24 hours), as it contains raw egg. My advice anyway is to make it fresh each time you need it as it just takes 3 minutes . Enjoy!

Aioli or aïoli (/aɪˈoʊli/; Provençal Occitan: alhòli [aˈʎɔli] or aiòli [aˈjɔli]; Catalan: allioli [ˌaʎiˈɔɫi]) is a Provençal sauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, usually egg yolks, and seasonings. There are many variations, such as the addition of mustard.

It is usually served at room temperature. The name aioli (alhòli) comes from Provençal alh ‘garlic’ (< Latin allium) + òli ‘oil’ (< Latin oleum).

Aioli is, like mayonnaise, an emulsion or suspension of small globules of oil and oil-soluble compounds in water and water-soluble compounds.

Egg yolk can be used as an emulsifier and is generally used in making aioli today. However, mustard and garlic both emulsify oil, and some variants such as Valencia allioli omit the egg.

Egg yolks, garlic, and seasonings are whisked together, then the oil and the lemon juice are added, initially very slowly, whisking to emulsify. Once the emulsion has started to form, the oil can be added faster.

In Occitan cuisine, aioli is typically served with seafood, fish soup, and croutons, in a dish called merluça amb alhòli. In Malta, arjoli or ajjoli is commonly made with the addition of either crushed galletti or tomato. In the Occitan Valleys of Italy it is served with potatoes boiled with salt and bay laurel.

In Provence, aioli or, more formally, Le Grand Aïoli, also designates a complete dish consisting of various boiled vegetables (uniformly carrots, potatoes, and green beans), boiled fish (normally soaked salt cod), and boiled eggs usually served with snails or other mollusks, with the aioli sauce.

Other commonly used vegetables are cauliflower, courgettes (zucchini) and raw tomato.

Aioli and olives Aioli

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Cooking Spanish Style covering most areas Mediterranean

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