Mediterranean Mackerel Recipes Rich source of Omega Value for money

Useful Mediterranean mackerel recipes

Mediterranean mackerel recipes including how to fillet a mackerel. Truthfully the humble mackerel deserves super star status owing to its value for money as well as its rich source of omega📌 Other interesting Fish Recipes

How To Fillet A Mediterranean Mackerel. And Cook It In Real Time. Mackerel.

Mediterranean Mackerel

I take one fresh Mediterranean Mackerel, Fillet it, then bone it completely, showing the whole process.

It is then Pan Fried to perfection, and served with a homemade, roasted, pickled, beetroot salad, a winning combination, elevating the humble mackerel to super star status.

many thanks.

How To Make Baked Mediterranean Mackerel – Greek Mackerel Plaki Recipe

Mediterranean Mackerel

This baked Mediterranean Mackerel recipe is based on the traditional Greek dish known as “plaki”.

It is simple to make as it is prepared, baked and served all in one pan and absolutely delicious!!!

You can substitute Mediterranean Mackerel with just about any pan size fish of choice.

The onions and potatoes add a heartiness to this dish while the crumbled feta that melts on top adds decadence.

Hope you guys enjoy this video and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just give me a shout and I’ll get back ASAP!!!!! Try this today and take your meals from ordinary to OPA!!!!! Hope you all love it!!!!! Cheers, Ken

👌 Backed Mediterranean Mackerelin Tomato Sauce (Easy Fish Recipe #1) 😋
Mediterranean Mackerel

Whole Mediterranean Mackerel recipes – how to make backed mackerel in tomato sauce at home.

Easy baked Mediterranean Mackerel recipe to cook the whole mackerel with tomato sauce, garlic, and more simple and tasty ingredients.

View this video about how to make backed Mediterranean Mackerel in tomato sauce by using a yummy and easy whole mackerel recipe!

SUPER TASTY homemade food recipe by! ENJOY! 👌

Mediterranean mackerel

HOW TO MAKE Mediterranean Mackerel STEW
Mediterranean Mackerel

Hi everybody

This video is about how I make my Mediterranean Mackerel stew.

Make this recipe these are the ingredients you need :

Mediterranean Mackerel, aromat, tomato plum, vegetable oil, seasoned cube, onions, chilli pepper, white ground pepper, red bell pepper and salt.

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Mediterranean Mackerel Recipes

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