Spanish Confectionery Turron how to make using Authentic recipes

Spanish Confectionery Turron

Spanish Confectionery turron originated in the Alicante area of Spain One of Spain’s most popular Christmas treats. Young and big kids love it. Other Spanish Confectionery info 

Spanish Chocolate Turron | Homemade Chocolate Recipe | Easy Chocolate Recipe | Christmas Special

You think Christmas is about piling up kilos eating heavy sweets and candies!

Don’t worry because Culture Recipe wants you to have a guilt-free festive season with Spanish Chocolate – a healthy and nutty energy bar made in Spain during the Yuletide season; few ingredients and so easy to prepare that even kids can enjoy making it.

So learn how to make these healthy Christmas sweet treat and also pile up on energy, not unhealthy calories this season!

Turron de Alicante

One of Spain’s most popular Christmas treats, turrón is an almond nougat made with almonds and honey.

Today I’ll share my recipe for turrón de Alicante, the hard, white almond nougat.

Christmas Chocolate Turron

Enjoy this delicious Spanish Christmas dessert!

Just for chocolate lovers 😉 Here is everything you need!


300 g /10.5 oz. milk chocolate 50g /2 oz. crisped rice 1 tsp. butter PREPARATION Melt the chocolate and the butter.

Add the rice krispies and mix carefully. Cover the bottom of a container with some wax paper.

Pour the mixture and let cool in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Best Spanish Turron Mousse / Mousse de Turron Dessert Recipe

AMAZING recipe for an authentic Spanish Turron (like nougat) Mousse.

This mousse was taught to me by Pizarro who used to run institutional London restaurant Brindisa (and who also taught me how to make my highest rated recipe the Spanish Omelette…)

Really easy and totally delicious this turron mousse dessert can be made in advance to keep any dinner party easy. Que rico ! *** Logon to www.dinerwithpatrick.com for more recipes ***

Spanish Confectionery turron
Spanish Confectionery

Spanish Turrón Selection Box 170g

  • The ultimate in Spanish Turrón in a 10 portion selection box
  • Turrón de Alicante Dark Chocolate Turrón with Marcona Almonds
  • Milk Chocolate Turrón with Marcona Almonds
  • Milk Chocolate Turrón with Macadamia Nuts Marcona Almond Brittle Turrón with Sesame Seeds
  • Handmade using the very best whole Marcona Almonds, Honey & Chocolate


Portuguese Chocolate salami.
Chocolate salami is a Portuguese and Italian dessert a favorite in Mediterranean countries  made from cocoa, broken biscuits, butter, eggs and a bit of port wine or rum. Portuguese Chocolate salami

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