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Spanish Fried Chicken

Chef Mia shows us how to create your favorite Spanish Fried Chicken!

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Spanish garlic chicken video recipe.

Pollo al ajillo is a delectable and easy Spanish chicken dish, loaded with flavour thanks to simple ingredients like garlic and white wine. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

You don’t need a special trip to the market to find the ingredients for this authentic Spanish recipe – they’re probably already in your kitchen!

A whole chicken is jointed, dredged in flour and browned in olive oil. Garlic, basil and white wine are added to the pan, resulting in chicken that’s moist and delicious.

If preferred, you can buy chicken pieces instead of jointing your own chicken at home. However, jointing your own chicken usually saves money, and with a good knife and practice, it becomes an easy task. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

Find this Spanish recipe and loads more on, the UK and Ireland’s largest online community of home cooks:

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Spanish chicken.

For the lovers of those awesome Mediterranean flavours, this chicken dish will leave you wanting more once it explodeson your taste, so maybe triple this recipe.

I used chicken thighs for this Spanish style chicken, as they are so much more flavourful and they stay quite juicy when cooked longer.

The potatoes are cut medium thin using a knife, and alternating each potato slice with a slice of chorizo, roasted in the oven with a little thyme and olive oil. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

They absorb the smoky flavour and soak up the fats from the chorizo and develop crispy edges making those alone enough to die for.

There’s a little more involved in this recipe but believe me it’s well worth it. Enjoy this Spanish Style Chicken.

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Fried Chicken Recipe from 1736.

Spanish Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is traditionally thought of as an American classic. Many Americans have put their spin on the popular food dish.

From fast food chains like KFC to fancy restaurants, everyone has their version of fried chicken.

But Jonathan Townsend dug up a recipe for fried chicken that dates back from before America was a country. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

He found the recipe in an old English cookbook dating back to the 18th century – Nathan Bailey’s 1736 cookbook, Dictionarium Domesticum.

The recipe has many of the ingredients for modern fried chicken. It all starts with the marinating the chicken for three hours in a mixture of lemon juice, malt vinegar, salt, pepper, ground clove, green onions, and bay leaves.

The batter includes flour, white wine, egg yolks, and salt. Once the chicken is done marinating, it is coated in the thin batter and fried until a light brown color. The last touch is to add some fried parsley.

As for frying oil, the recipe doesn’t specify what kind, although it was probably lard. But Townsend says you can use the oil of your choice.

Next time you cook fried chicken, you might want to try this “old-fashioned” recipe from the 18th century a try! It looks delicious! Spanish Fried Chicken💕Spanish Fried Chicken💕

The 280-year-old recipe didn’t outline exact measurements, so the amounts listed below are approximates:

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Spanish Fried Chicken Ingredients

Whole chicken, quartered.
Lemon juice from 2 large lemons.
Distilled vinegar, equal amount to lemon juice.
2 teaspoons salt.
1 teaspoon black pepper.
1/4 teaspoon cloves.
1/2 cup chopped green onion.
1 1/2 cups flour.
White wine, as needed (can also use cider or water).
3 egg yolks.
Parsley, for garnish. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

Mix lemon juice, vinegar, 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, cloves and green onion together in bowl to make marinade.
Marinate chicken in mixture for 3 hours.

In a separate bowl, add flour and mix in a little bit of wine until batter reaches consistency of thin pancake batter.
Add in egg yolks and 1 teaspoon salt until batter is smooth and even.

Remove chicken from marinade and coat in batter. Heat pot of oil to 350F.

Carefully place chicken in oil and cook until crisp and golden mahogany brown. After the chicken is cooked, add parsley into hot oil until crisp. Sprinkle parsley over chicken as garnish.

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Share this authentic and historic recipe with your friends and family!

Fried Chicken: 50 Recipes for the Crispy, Crunchy, Comfort-Food Classic.

An irresistible cookbook featuring more than 50 family-friendly fried chicken recipes–including classic Southern, globally influenced, and skillet- and deep-fried variations.

Spanish Fried Chicken is comfort food at its finest.

Served alongside a biscuit, atop waffles, or just on its own, fried chicken is one of the most universally loved foods around. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

In Fried Chicken, Southern chef Rebecca Lang collects 50 of the most tantalizing, crowd-pleasing variations on the classic.

There are perennial favorites like Buttermilk-Soaked, Bacon-Fried Chicken Smothered in Gravy; Tennessee Hot Chicken; kid-friendly Chicken Fingers; and even Gluten-Free Southern Fried Chicken.

Also featured are internationally inspired recipes, such as Saigon Street Wings, Chinese Lollipop Wings, Mexican-Lime Fried Chicken Tacos, and Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

All of these recipes are impeccably tested, foolproof, and will have the whole family singing the praises of perfectly fried poultry.

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Then, there is no better way to learn than to go on a cooking holiday in Spain.

Select the destination of your choice and let some of the best Spanish chefs out there introduce you to creating some of the most delicious Spanish dishes. Spanish Fried Chicken💕

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Spanish Fried Chicken cooking Spanish style

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Spain also covers Bowls Clubs Golf Go Karting Spanish Fried Chicken fishing Caves and other sports here in the Mediterranean.
Spain info also lists the Local Hot Water Spanish Fried Chicken Spas many of them dating back to Roman times.

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