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Spanish Sauces

Spanish Sauces In Spain, there is a wide variety of Spanish Sauce dishes. Every region or province has its own special dishes. Sometimes even individual towns have their own twist on regional dishes

How to Make Pink Sauce (Salsa Rosa) – Easy Homemade Spanish Cocktail Sauce Recipe.

Learn how to make a delicious pink sauce, also known as “Salsa Rosa” in Spain. This creamy cocktail sauce is great for salads and sandwiches, and good served with cold shrimps, prawns or any shellfish.


– 8 tablespoons of mayonnaise
– 2 tablespoons of tomato ketchup
– 2 tablespoons of brandy or aged rum
– 2 tablespoons of orange juice.

How to Make an old SPANISH SAUCE: Typed Recipe * Tomato carrot celery * Savory Dish.


1 tablespoon minced lean raw ham

1 tablespoon chopped celery

1 tablespoon chopped carrot

1 tablespoon chopped onion

2 tablespoons fat

2 tablespoons flour

1/2 cup stock

1/2 cup tomato juice

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

Melt the fat. Add the ham and vegetables and cook until
they are brown. Make a sauce of this mixture and the flour,
salt, pepper and liquid.



Learn how to prepare one of the most classic tapas: patatas bravas.


Spanish Sauces  How to make Spanish romesco sauce – the healthy way.

THIS is how you make real Spanish romesco sauce! My romesco recipe gives you a lighter version you’ll want to make over and over again!

They say that Spaniards will make any excuse to eat romesco sauce. Yup, it’s THAT good. My romesco sauce recipe is easy, much lower fat that the original and super quick to make. Great way to smother chickpea balls. Thanks for watching!

2 slices of toasted bread
2 garlic cloves
1/2 Cup toasted almonds
1-2 tsp chili powder (if yours is really hot like mine, 1/2 tsp)
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh Italian parsley
1 tsp smoked paprika (pimenton)
salt, pepper
1 large roasted red pepper (in jar) – drained
3 medium tomatoes, remove seeds and chop [you can roast them like it instructs in the recipe but I am too lazy 😉 ]
2 Tablespoons sherry vinegar or white wine vinegar
1/4 – 1/2 Cup silken tofu

First, chop your toasted bread into breadcrumbs in the food processor. Then add your almonds, spices, garlic and blend into a powder (not super fine). Add your roasted red pepper and tomatoes. Blend into a paste. Finally, add your vinegar and tofu and blend. That’s it!

Spanish Sauces  SALSA BRAVAS – Versatile Spanish Sauce for Tapas and MORE /patatas.

To watch Spanish Sauces.   Spanish SaucesBe sure to have your YouTube ANNOTATIONS turned ON in order to see the ingredients and other printed directions in the video.

Spanish Sauces  How To Make The Perfect Alioli.

Watch How To Make The Perfect Alioli from the world’s leading how to specialist. This guide will give you informative instructions to make sure you get good at sauces, spanish food, less than 30 minutes, no cooking recipes, egg recipes, garlic.

Spanish Sauces  Meatless Meat Sauce Video Recipe | No Meat Meat Sauce by Bhavna.

I replace meat with Beans(high in protein, fiber and Iron), some veggies such as Mushroom & Spinach to get meat kind flavor and there you have no Meat Meat Sauce in no time!
Now, you can pack your lunch box with more confidence. This meatless meat sauce is perfect for pasta, pizza, spaghetti, meatless meat balls, Gnocchi and much more!

2 tbsp Oil
1 cup Mushrooms, chopped very fine
1/2 cup Onion, finley chopped
Few cloves of Garlic, Minced
2 cups Spinach, chopped
3/4 cup Boiled Mashed Kidney/Pinto Beans
1 – 8oz Tomato paste or 2 cups Tomato Sauce
1/2 cup Vegetable Stock or 1/4 cup water(Not required if using Tomato Sauce
Salt Pepper to taste
Italian Seasoning as per taste.

Sauces: Savoury and Sweet.

Spanish Sauces
Spanish Sauces

Spanish SaucesA superb sauce can transform the simplest dish into an impressive creation. This comprehensive collection of over 200 sauces by Michel Roux, proprietor of the 3 Michelin-starred Waterside Inn, has already attained classic status as the essential guide in every good cook’s kitchen.

For this new and revised edition, Michel has updated all the recipes for today’s lighter, healthier taste, added 20 new recipes and over 50 new colour photographs.

The techniques and methods of sauce making are explained simply and clearly, many illustrated with step-by-step instructions and photographs. A comprehensive directory which recommends the best sauces for key dishes and ingredients is also included.

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