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Tuna Omelette now interesting tasty popular snack📌

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Tuna Omelette A very tasty  tuna omelette with Onions low fat and low cholesterol dish Very healthy Other omelette recipe books
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Take a Tuna omelette for example of quick and easy ideas. You can mix any edible food you want to an omelette as long as it doesn’t look too “dumpy” or disgusting and has class. Tuna Omelette 💕

One example of a food that can be mixed with an omelet is the “Tuna flakes in oil” can. Here are the steps in making this unique recipe

How to cook a tuna omelette. Simple. Delicious. Quick and easy recipe.
A tuna omelette is a low fat and low colesterol dish. Very healthy.
Another option is when your Tuna Omellete is cooked is sprinkle cheese on top if so desired Tuna Omelette 💕
This is a Mediterranean style Tuna Omelette

How to make Tuna Omelette with Onion

Tuna Melt Omelette

Directions Tuna Omelette💕

Makes enough for 2 people, depending on your appetite.

1/2 a can of tuna in water.
2 eggs.
1 tablespoon red onion.
1 tablespoon green or red peppers or both!
1 slice of butter.
1/4 cup of shredded cheese.
salt and pepper.
cilantro (optional) Tuna Omelette 💕

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Spanish Mediterranean style. Tuna Omelette 💕

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Tuna Omelette
Tuna Omelette

Tuna Omelette

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