Almeria Castles

Almeria Castles now find time view stunning medieval castles

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Almeria castles there are around ten castles that are worth mentioning in the Almeria area of Andalucía dating back to medieval times in Spain🏰

Vélez-Blanco-castle. (Almería) from youtube

Relive the time of the feudal lords. Imagine what life was like in medieval times in the magnificent Castle of Vélez-Blanco.

Almeria castles

Bacares – Castillo y Mirador de Bacares – Las 30 Maravillas del Almanzora (Almeria)

From youtube

Bacares Castle has been recently restored, consolidating and strengthening the ruins, improving access and creating walkways and viewpoints to visit and enjoy it.

Regarding its origin, there are authors who classify it as Roman, others as Berber and others as Nasrid.

It is documented that in 1506 it was restored by Gutiérrez de Cárdenas.

It is small in size with a total of seven rooms.

Irregular in plan and built with masonry walls arranged in flat rows and joined by means of mortar for the lower areas, and tapial for the upper ones.

Inside the Castle of Bacares, on one of its sides, there is a cistern that has been preserved, as well as a small parade ground around which the rooms are arranged, the foundations and part of the interior walls of the castle have been preserved. the same.

The rock on which it is located is a strategic point from which you can see the two neighbourhoods that make up Bacares, as well as the landmarks and most outstanding points of the entire town: the Church, the Barrio Alto, the Bridge, the rivers, the hundred-year-old walnut tree, the Fuente Grande, the Fuente San Juan and its large poplar, etc. ▶︎ Discover more about this wonder:…

Sierro – Castillo de Sierro – Las 30 Maravillas del Almanzora (Almeria)

It corresponds to the IX-XIII centuries.

Located on top of the farmhouse with the role of refuge and urban citadel.

Its prominent height and wide visibility over the territory stands out.

It is a medieval castle-fortress in the Berber Islamic style.

It is located in the highest part of the inhabited nucleus, rising over the Boloyunta river (Arabic name for the Sierro river) about 300 meters.

The ruins of a fortress with a square and solid tower have been preserved, controlling the valley of the river and with the tower-minaret of the church-mosque a few meters below the tower.

The fortification is badly eroded and the vestiges that remain are discontinuous elements of the wall with two concentric defensive perimeters, a keep, two towers that project little to the outside, a side gate and a cistern.

From it you can see Somontín, Lúcar and Urracal, the upper part of the Almanzora valley.

The great tower dominates the entrance to the valley and its access road; on the southwestern part, the foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres and the high valley of Boloyunta.

Andalusian construction completed in the Almohad period (12th century), with Almoravid elements and influences.

The reconstruction of the castle was done in 2011.

Almeria castles

Almeria Castles
Almeria castles

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Almeria Castles

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