Bairen Castle Gandia

BAIREN CASTLE now come exploring bring correct footwear🥾

Ancient Bairen Castle

Bairen Castle is fairly derelict but works are taking place to rectify the situation. If you proceed make sure you have the correct footwear as it is a bit of a climb up the path BAIREN CASTLE🍺


38°59’44.9″N, 0°11’8.2″W BAIREN CASTLE🍺

It is likely that the Castle was a well-placed Roman fortification for its visual command of the sea rather than for the defence of nearby cities, since it is estimated that the city of Gandía was founded around 1240 near an Arab farmhouse located in Beniopa. BAIREN CASTLE🍺


1097 Battle Bairen Castle

In the year 1097 in Bairen Castle area a battle took place in this fortification between the Almoravids on one side against El Cid and Pedro I of Aragon on the other. BAIREN CASTLE🍺

The narration of this fact, mentioned in the History of Roderici Campidocti in the 11th century, is the first written documentation in which the castle appears.

A century later, the famous Ceuta geographer Al-Idrisi also captures it in his work.

Finally the Castle passed definitively into Christian hands thanks to Jaime I of Aragon, El Conquistador, in 1240 after the surrender of Abecendrel. BAIREN CASTLE🍺


Bairen Castle Gandia
Bairen Castle

The Google Map Bairen

Bairen Castle site has been populated from antiquity, as demonstrated by the archaeological remains found: Bronze Age, Iberian, Roman and medieval, as well as both Islamic and Christian. BAIREN CASTLE🍺

In the construction of Bairen Castle the visitors can appreciate the remains of the different cultures that occupied the former Bairen Castle.

16th Century Bairen Castle

In the XVI century, the castle was named the castle of San Juan due its dedication to the hermitage, displacing the former Arabic name of Bairén.

In the XVII century Bairen Castle castle was reduced to ruins. BAIREN CASTLE🍺


Bairen Castle

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Bairen Castle

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Bairen Castle


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