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Popular Santa Barbara Castle Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain plus spectacular views of the area including Alicante harbour there is a lift available🏰


Castle of Santa Barbara On the top of Mount Benacantil at a height of 166 metres, there is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain, built in the ninth century by Muslims.

An amazing view of town and harbour.

If you feel fit, the walk from Plaza de Carmen is a sight in itself, through some narrow winding streets.

If not, there is an elevator in the core of Mount Benacantil itself. The castle can also be reached by a car, but parking slots are scarce.

Santa Barbara Castle

The Santa Barbara Castle MAP

Castle of Santa Barbara

The elevator runs from the ground level near the main road of Avenue de Juan Bautista Lafora (38°20’48.17″N 0°28’36.71″W) and stops at two levels in the castle.

It may not be easy to spot the entrance!

The easiest route is to follow Postiguet beach to the footbridge, then cross the road and pick your way West along the pavement until you see the sign for the castle and the tunnel entrance.

Entry to the castle is free. A round-way trip by the elevator from the ground floor costs € 2.40.

The ticket machine is near the end of the tunnel. Insert your money, press the large green “A” button, then “Ticket”, and your ticket will be printed.

Maps are provided. Traveling between the two castle levels is free.

From April to September, the castle is open from 10:00 to 22:00, while the elevator runs from 10:00 to 20:00.

From October to March, the castle is open from 10:00 to 20:00, and the elevator from 10:00 to 19:30.

Last elevator

Always note the “last elevator” times at the ticket machine, though. Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ), Plaza del Doctor Gómez Ulla, founded in 1932, has avant-garde design and uses modern audiovisual techniques, with more than 80,000 pieces found in local archaeological sites.

Shows educational movies about the history of Alicante area from the Stone Age, through Iberian and Roman eras, to the medieval times.

It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00, and Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 14:00.

On Mondays it’s closed. Telephone: (+34)965149000. edit Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (MUBAG), Calle Gravera 9, Old Town.

Local fine arts museum

Local fine arts museum. Some excellent artworks by Spanish artists, displayed over 3 floors. Take time to watch the video presentation ‘Black and White’ on historic Alicante.

ALICANTE SPAIN COSTA BLANCA | Walking Tour 4K Barrio Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara Castle, Sunset

Join us as we go on a walking tour around Alicante, Spain for the day.

Staring with a walk up to the Santa Barbara Castle where we enjoyed amazing views over Alicante and Costa Blanca.

When walking up to the Santa Barbara Castle we travel directly through the old town of Alicante, the Santa Cruz district.

It is a super quaint, quiet area made up of small homes lined on narrow tiled and cobblestone pathways.

There are no cars up in this area, so it is relaxing to walk and spend time.

Later that day we take you to our favorite lookout point to watch the sunset over the city.

Look Out Tower

This lookout is a wonderful park with many areas to sit and relax and take in a breathtaking view of the 0coastline and all-around Alicante, Spain.

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Santa Barbara Castle

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