Squirrels in Guardamar Park

REINA SOFIA PARK Guardamar town now centre kids delight


REINA SOFIA PARK a Leafy park home to peacocks & turtles, with shaded paths, cascades, ponds & a kids’ playground nicely situated in the centre of town

Address: Av. dels Pins, s/n, 03140 Guardamar del Segura, Alicante Hours: Open 24 hours Phone965 72 44 88 ProvinceAlicante

Spain Reina Sofia Park in Guardamar 2022

Reina sofia park Guardamar del Segura

Spain and Life in Spain. Province of Alicante. walk through Reina sofia park of the city of Guardamar Reina Sofia. vlog


Reina sofia park Guaramar del Segura

In the center of Guardamar is Reina sofia park Guardamar del Segura, in the province of Alicante, there is a rather beautiful and interesting park.

It’s Reina Sofia Park.

There live various types of animals such as Ducks, turtles, peacocks, squirrels, different types of birds…

A beautiful oasis of nature and animals where you can spend the day or enjoy while watching nature.

The Reina Sofia Park Guardamar del Segura is part of the huge pinewoods, a very short walk from the Town Hall Square.

It has ponds with fish and bird life and wide children playground areas under the shade of the pines.

The squirrels have become a symbol of the park and of Guardamar.

It is a favourite meeting point for families with children.

There are several popular ‘petanque’ bowling pitches widely used by our senior residents.

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Guardamar del Segura 8 lovely Sunny Sandy Beaches book now

Guardamar Del Segura

Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar Del Segura 

There are eight beaches in total in Guardamar which extend to almost 14 kilometres. From north to south, the beaches of Guardamar are Los Tusales (the naturist beach), Los Viveros, De la Babilònia, Playa Centro, La Roqueta,  El Moncayo, Playa del Campo and Les Ortigues.  

One thing they all have in common though is their high quality sand.


Hotel Information Guardamar just south of Airport beaches now await

REINA SOFIA PARK Apartments-Tourist-Guardamar

Hotel Information Guardamar del Segura Costa Blanca.

Hotel Information Guardamar Costa Blanca Hotels & Rental Accommodation for your Holiday in Guardamar del Segura on Sea. Just south of Alicante International Airport.

Ash Wednesday Procession at Guardamar Nr Alicante Miercoles

Ash Wednesday Procession at Guardamar Del Segura.

This is part of Holy Week in Spain.

These evening events do not start until about 10.00 in the evening and seen here is just one of the “pasos” (altars carried by people).

Part of the tradition is the giving away of sweets to the children as seen in this video.


REINA SOFIA PARK Guardamar del Segura

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