Rojales Caves

Rojales Caves located in the hills south of the town NOW come try visit

The Rojales Caves Cuevas Rojales Spain

Rojales Caves The Caves Rojales ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ they are situated on the hillside above the town, alongside the primary school and are signposted ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ from many points in this Spanish town. Extra info about Caves in Spain🆗

Rojales Caves
Rojales Caves

Rojales-caves Caves Rojales
The Rojales Caves

Rojales caves • Martin the artist

Rojales is a small Spanish town close to Benijofar, Ciudad Quesada, Almoradi and Torrevieja. Many championship golf courses are nearby and most importantly Rojales is just 10 minutes away from the fabulous sandy beaches of Guardamar and 15 minutes from Torrevieja’s beaches.

Caves Rojales Sundays

No jam first Sunday of the month when market is on.

Rojales Caves
Rojales Caves
Rojales-Caves-nr-Quesada Caves Rojales
Rojales Caves

Caves Rojales Cave Houses

The town is famous for the beautiful cave houses which are located in the hills to the south of the town.

The best-kept-secret tourist attraction in the Rojales area – the Casa de Las Conchas is by the lowest entrance to the caves area in Calle Vilatona.

Over many years the owner, Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz, has decorated his house with patterns of shells, tiles and mirrors. It’s quite spectacular to see.

The artists caves in Rojales are well worth a visit if you’ve never been.

Called ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ they are situated on the hillside above the town, alongside the primary school and are signposted ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ from many points in the town.


  1. The location alone of Rojales Caves is stunning, just to walk around the village.
  2. Check out the quaint little bar – duck your head to go into the snug!
  3. Music evenings – through the season at the bar, every Friday, live music from around 9.30pm – usually jazz.
  4. Arts and crafts market monthly with clourful stalls of home-made products, demonstrations, etc.    Septembers will be on Sat 7th Sept in the evening from 7pm with live music from 9.30pm.    Then from October they revert to daytime on the first Sunday of the month starting at 11am with paella from 2.30pm
  5. Art exhibition.  Each month Caves Rojales a different artist exhibits in the Sala Mengolero exhibition gallery cave.   Open every day except Sundays & Mondays, Spanish hours.

So why not take a look at Rojales Caves  and enjoy this unique venue?

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Painter-at-it-Rolales Caves Rojales
Art at Rojales Caves
Art-For-Sale-Rojales Caves Rojales
More art at Rojales Caves
Rojales-Caves Caves Rojales
Rojales Caves

In March, the monthly arts and crafts market at the Cuevas del Rodeo, Caves Rojales artists caves in Rojales, celebrate the second anniversary of restarting the market.

Having stopped some seven years ago, the caves association asked for Martin’s help in restarting the markets, and on the first Sunday in March 2012 they held a ‘Big art’ event, which has now become firmly established in this unique setting.

The free and open market at Caves Rojales for artists and tradespeople starts at 11am with stalls, demonstrations and workshops and continues to about 3pm with paella being sold around 2.30pm.

12 noon will see the inauguration of the month’s exhibition in the Sala Mengolero gallery cave, showing works of sculpture by Fernando Vivankos.

Then at 4pm the party continues at the bar with live music from Funtastic Dixieland.

So for a fun and different day out, the artists would be pleased to see you.

More information contact

Martin the Artist in Rojales at or 648 535 165

By the side of the El Rodeo caves you will find the famous ‘Shell House’ – a testament to the patience and perseverance of one man – Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz, you can still find him working on his house, adding more shell daily.

If you stand outside the house, Manuel will invite you in himself and when you have finished looking, you can purchase small mementos , decorated with shells, to remind you of your visit.

Las Cuevas del Rodeo – ROJALES – Rojales Caves Vega Baja,Here lies the village of Rojales. It has a large cave area and over the last few years it has been occupied by an artisan colony with about 20 open as workshops and studios.

The local Ayuntamiento has promoted it in the past but, in the true Spanish way, it has curtailed a number of cultural events, particularly open-air concerts… probably because they were getting too popular!

A Swedish Artist told me the caves were originally dug by coal miners from Murcia and later occupied by Gypsies and latterly the artisans… there are many caves simply locked and forgotten…she told me she adopted hers and after spending months recovering it, the owner ‘came out of the woodwork’ and she now pays him rent!

This is definitely a good morning out and only about 20 minutes from SMdS + it gives you some idea what we could have here in our pueblo. There’s a nice little bar there too!

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