Bay Tree

Bay Trees native Mediterranean plant so easy grow here Spain

Mediterranean Bay Leaf Trees

Bay Trees  Bay Laurel, best known as Sweet Bay is famous for it’s leaves they are used as a culinary herb that makes a great addition to the kitchen garden and can easily be grown on a patio.

bay tree
Bay Leaf Trees

Bay tree plants are very attractive with their waxy-looking olive green leaves, branches that can be trained to suit your taste, and flavourful leaves that will serve a valuable function as a versatile kitchen spice.

Bay Trees Bay Laural

In its native Mediterranean climate Bay Laurel is an evergreen tree reaching heights of over forty feet.

bay trees nursery
Bay Leaf Trees

The Bay Tree is the source of several spices and is very popular in Mediterranean dishes.

Leaves may be harvested at any time, but the flavour and fragrance is strongest before blooming.

The leaves are used both dried and fresh depending on the type of cooking.

Some people prefer to use dried leaves because the drying process removes several bitter tasting compounds.


bay tree leaves
Bay Leaf Trees

The aromatic leaves are often added to Italian pasta dishes, added to stews or to garnish lamb roasts.

When using the leaves whole it is important to remove them before serving, since the edges can be sharp and abrasive.

Ground bay leafs can be swallowed without risk, so many people prefer to use the leaf in this manner for soups, stocks and stews.

It is also be used in the Bloody Mary drink.

Whole leaves have a shelf life of one year. The dried laurel berries and pressed leaf oil may also be used as a robust spice.

Rooting Bay Leaf From Cuttings (Bay Laurel – Laurus Nobilis)

In this video, I will show you how to propagate bay leaf cuttings in water in early spring.
Rooting Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) cuttings in water is an easy process where you start with taking cuttings off the bay leaf tree.
1 – So, the first step is to take off the cuttings.
2 – The next step is to remove most of the leaves from the cuttings leaving just two top leaves.
and 3 – The third step is to cut off the bottom bit of the stems.
4 – Next step is to cut the tips of the leaves and dip the stems in cinnamon powder (as a rooting hormone).
and 5 – Put all cuttings in a masons jar or suitable plastic container 3/4 filled with clean water.
6 – Looking after your cuttings: Keep the jar indoors, near the window, changing the water twice a week. Once a week you can add to water some homemade rooting hormone to soak for an hour. Change to clean water after the soak



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Bay Trees oil
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Bay tree plants

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