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Orange Trees Cultivation pips plus grafting methods

Orange Trees Citrus plants Growing from Pips or just grafting

How to grow Orange Trees from pips or grafting methods. Very interesting and easy way to grow your own sweet scented patio veranda Orange Tree Plants. Just watch the videos.  Gardening extras Spain for you.

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 The Orange Tree in Spain

Orange-tree-indoors Orange TreesOrange-tree-indoors Orange Trees in Pots:   When grown in pots, orange trees have a special miniature charm.

In a light place on the apartment or villa patio they can be a winter show-piece, with keenly-scented blossom followed first by dark green globes and later by the bright, mature fruit.


The above method works great I couldn’t believe it myself! I had way more germinated seeds than I knew what to do with! I now have a lots of little baby plants with leaves

Pips:  Growing citrus from pips is a favourite method as it is very little trouble, and this makes any failures unimportant.

Take seeds from as fresh, ripe and juicy a fruit as you can find.  Never let them dry out and pop them at once into moist, light soil.

Be careful not to plant too deeply;  about 1 cm deep is best, as pips may have their emerging shoots distorted by having to push out through too much soil.


This comparatively shallow planting means that you must watch carefully to see that the soil does not dry out.  Making a mini-propagator by covering with a plastic bag is helpful, but even then check every day that the soil is still moist.

If you have a house-plant growing in light soil that is kept warm and moist, try tucking a pip into the same pot.  When the shoot emerges transfer it to other quarters.

Many successful citrus trees have been started off this way. But do not let it grow to large before you re pot it.or it will effect the host plants root system.

Growing Your Own Trees from Cuttings

GraftingCuttings:  Try 10-cm cuttings taken from young wood planted in sandy soil – either in small, individual pots or round the edge of a larger pot.  Keep them out of the sun and in moist soil.

Protection by surrounding plants give a helpful micro-climate.  Oranges respond particularly well to this treatment.  Cover the pot with a polythene bag to encourage rootings. Do not let them dry out.

Grafting Citrus Demonstration

Grafting-Orange Orange TreesMany people have been asking how I grafted the multigraft-citrus and grafting one handed is not ideal.

So today after I pruned some citrus, I used the off-cuts to show the method.

Most citrus are bud grafted, I have had no success with that method. I have used a rind graft instead, on a modified T-graft, which I call the inverted ‘L’. Best done in active growing season for citrus (mid-spring to mid-summer).
1) Cut the inverted L and peel back the bark
2) Cut the graft wood and slip it into place
3) Wrap the graft up tightly with grafting tape etc.

Seville Oranges

The orange is often called the national fruit of Spain.  Nothing could be easier to grow than these bitter Seville orange with its glossy, green leaves and beautiful, keen-scented blossom in spring.

It is true that the fruit is realy only useful for making marmalade, but the tree is more a less trouble-free, disease-free and rather decorative.


Orange-in-pot-Spain Orange TreesThere are a few rules to bear in mind for success when growing citrus in pots.

Don’t disturb the roots except when repotting is essential.

Every year in early spring give a top dressing of fresh, good soil, removing a little of the existing earth in the pot if necessary.

Water fully and regularly, never in dribbles.  If water comes through to the saucer below, throw it away.Do not let them stand in water.

Spray the leaves of your patio plant with a fine mist from time to time.  It will refresh the little tree.  Do fertilize regularly.

There is no need to prune pot-grown citrus except to maintain the shape you need.

Growing citrus trees in pots is a fascinating hobby, always full of pleasant surprises.

A dozen oranges hanging on a tree in a 30-cm pot can give more pleasure than a sackful that you bought at any local market.
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Orange Trees

Gardening Spain tips tricks Mediterranean

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