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E Bike Cycling now for a guided bike vacation Italy🚲

Try an E Bike Cycling Holiday Vacation Time

E Bike Cycling Holiday You will be riding an e-bike using a new Scott E-Genius 720 in one of the most beautiful and wild regions of Maremma Tuscany Italy

4 Days Amazing E-bike Holiday in Tuscany, Italy

Guided Biking Holiday in Tuscany

E Bike Cycling Holiday
Bike Cycling

Come Bike Cycling and join this incredible holiday organized by Hotel Rifugio Prategiano!

You will be riding an e-bike in one of the most beautiful and wild regions of Maremma, Tuscany, Italy.

On the new Scott E-Genius 720, you will experience the nature of Tuscany in a special and close-up way.

Enjoy these Bike Cycling fantastic trails, adventure, new friends, and spectacular views!

E Bike Cycling Holiday

Key information

  • Trip type: Self-guided
  • Lodging: Center-based
  • Terrain: A mix of gravel roads, trails, dirt roads, and asphalt
  • Starts and ends in: Maremma
  • Difficulty level: Moderate (Cyclist needs to have a good level of fitness, as the moderate level means that they will cycle around 30 to 40 km per day), challenging (Cyclist needs to have a high level of fitness and must be an active rider)
  • Total Distance: 16 – 26 Miles / 26 – 42 Kilometers
  • Type of bike: Mountain bike
  • E-bike: Available


E Bike Cycling Holiday
Bike Cycling

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Bike Cycling

Bike Cycling

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E Bike Cycling Holiday

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E Bike Cycling

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