Gran China Consum Square La Marina

Gran China Consum Square La Marina now awaiting to see you 966 795 489

Chinese Restaurant, Gran China La Marina
Calle Franciso de Quevedo, Consum Sq,La Marina.

Gran China La Marina Urbanisation. Consum square Tel 966 795 489. for takeaways or table bookings Open from 17.00 to 11.00pm. Air con in the summer months📌📌

Gran China La Marina Urbanisation. Consum square Tel 966 795 489. for takeaways or table bookings Open from 17.00 to 11.00pm. Air con in the summer months. .

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Gran China inside full
Gran China

Are you Looking for a Good Chinese Restaurant?

We can thoroughly recommend Restaurant Gran China which is situated in Consum Square on La Marina urbanisation.

Gran China large bottle
Gran China

This particular Chinese is very spacious, and seats up to 80 people inside and has a lovely large terrace out the back for you to enjoy your meals here in the Summer months. In the evening the terrace is very popular as you can watch the sun go down while enjoying your meal.

Gran China inside old
Gran China

The service is very good and the Owners are very friendly and helpful.

The Venue has air con Hot & Cold – so just right all year round.

Opening Hours are from 12.00 am to Midnight.

Gran Chino Consum Square La Marina
Gran Chino Consum Square La Marina

We have been going here for many years and the meals are always really delicious.

To Order your Takeaways or to book a table for a Large Party please
Tel 96-679-5489.

If you haven’t already been to Gran China we hope you will give it a try.

Gran China evening time
Gran China

LA MARINA INFO INDEX Holiday homes at La Marina.

Only a 30 minutes from Alicante Airport.

Gran China La Marina Gran China



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Gran China mediation

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Gran China Restaurant Gran China

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