Logs firewood

Lena Logs now this is local list local popular🔥

Where to obtain Lena firewood and kindling

Lena logs and firewood kindling in and around the area of La Marina for those who wish to collect and choose there own plus kindling firewood for starting your fire📌.

Almacén Agrícola JM Grima

Lena Logs
Logs Lena Firewood

This is a photo of the entrance to J M Grima in Dolores They have a huge selection of Logs and firewood kindling wood.

When you arrive you will see the main building at the end of the drive in, proceed down there and park on the left.

You will see the huge piles of logs on your right and on your left is the smaller pile of rather useful firewood kindling wood.

Go across to the piles of logs inspect and pick the pile you wish to collect from.

Lena Logs
Logs Lena

You will notice that placed on old pallets there are two large black buckets, you need to attract a member of the staff normally on a fork lift to bring one of these pallets over to you in case there is not one there already.

Lena Logs

Lena Logs
Logs Lena

Now fill your bucket or buckets with your choice and size.

You now need to stay with your buckets and attract the the fork lift over to you, he will then take them away for weighing.

Proceed now over to your car open the boot and watch for man with fork lift, catch his eye and he will bring them over to you.

He will give you a receipt for how much you owe and the weight, go into main office and pay for your logs

Logs firewood

Now load up your car and then off home job done.

Lena Logs
Kindling Firewood

If it is kindling you are after it is the same system, but this pile in the opposite side neared the main office.

Ctra. Dolores, Partida Escorredor, Km. 1,5, 03150 San Fulgencio, Alicante+34 965 72 64 05

e mail agricolagrima@hotmail.com

GOOGLE MAP for your logs

Lena Logs

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There’s a guy sells it from his house in Urb. Buenavista on the way to La Marina village. 10 euros a trailer. If you go along the little road with Llit de Lio on your right and Costa 21 on your left its about 4 or 5 houses along on the left. Got signs up on the gates. This is on the border line of Elche and Guardamar.


Lena Logs

Address: Pda. LLobregales, 14, CV-858, Km.2, 03150 Dolores, Alicante
Hours:9.00 2.00 PM

GOOGLE MAP for your logs

Phone966 71 04 38ProvinceAlicante

Log stockist

Great place to get your pets food and toys for catsdogs, horses and fish.

When you arrive you will see the two piles of logs on your left. Pull up and you will see a green wheelbarrow, retrieve this and fill with logs of your choice.

Once full go into the shop and pay for your logs then place logs into your car.

Leña San Felipe Neri

Lena Logs

Partida San Felipe Neri, 35, 03158 Sant Felip Neri, Alicante


699 91 72 94

San Felipe Neri on the main road. if your coming through San Felipe towards Catral it’s on the left.

When you arrive drive in bearing left and up the small ramp, stop your car and the office will weigh the vehicle, once weighed drive to the pile of logs you fancy and load into the car.

Now drive back up onto the ramp and they will re weigh you and bring you a tcket show weight and cost and now just drive home.

Or from San Felipe Neri, it would be on your right side. We have had three lots of logs from there already, properly dried logs, under 15% moisture. 22 cents for oak (and almond I think), 18 cents for olive

Wood Burners Chiminea a popular fire place that delivers all-roundLena Logs firewood kindling🔥

Chiminea Wood Burners all round warmth

Wood Burner

Wood Burners Chiminea Stand alone metal heating systems. They give out far more heat than the standard conventional Spanish fire place plus easy to useLena Logs kindling firewood🔥

Lena Logs ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ Lena Logs

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Lena Logs

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