Paddle La Marina

Paddle Class Urb la Marina now come play enjoy learn

Sports Center Paddle and Tennis centre

Paddle Class Urb la marina This Sports Center owes its success to the comfort of its facilities, easy parking in the area learn and enjoy 696554275

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

Paddle Class Lessons tennis and paddle Class Urb la marina Groups and individuals three courts learn and enjoy 696554275 Ask for Cosme Ruiz.

Address is C/Azorin, La Marina San Fulgencio, CLICK BELOW For Map

Calla Azorin Map

The recent renovation of the court will allow users to enjoy this sport in these municipal facilities

Improve by playing games and, above all, by improving your shots, your position on the court, your understanding of the game… if you’re looking for that plus, don’t hesitate; Put yourself in the hands of our coaches and improve your sensations and your performance on the track.

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

If you have never played, this is your chance. Paddle tennis is so popular today because we can all practice this sport and have fun with it. Start practicing it with classes alone or in a group and enjoy the sport.

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

Paddle tennis is a sport that in recent years has gained thousands of followers, being an excellent way to have fun and stay in shape. Whether you are a fan of paddle tennis or are curious to learn how to play it, you can start or even improve to a competition level with the help of our teachers.

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

Paddle Class Urb la Marina

If you have always thought that it is a shame not to know how to play Paddle tennis here at the sports centre where there are excellent facilities and coaches in your urbanization, or you would like to improve your level of play, convince a friend to take classes and start as soon as possible.

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The Rules of Padel (Paddle Tennis) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Padel.

A relatively new (and popular) racket sport that’s similar to Tennis that is very popular in Latin American countries, Spain and Mexico.

It’s a lot more fun with Perspex walls and it can be seen as a mixture of Squash and Tennis.

Specific to the World Padel Tour rules, watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Padel is played, Padel rules, and how to play and watch Padel.

Learn about points, volley, advantage, deuce, fault, double fault, court and more!

Latest Padel GIFs | Gfycat

The La Marina Sports Center owes its success to the comfort of its facilities, easy parking in the area


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Mini Golf Courses you are now able to use two FreePaddle Class Urb la Marina ⛳

La Marina Mini Golf Courses

Mini Golf Courses in La Marina some are Free to use that are owned by the local San Fulgencio Council Others are normal business operationsPaddle Class Urb la Marina 📌

The Department of parks and gardens of San Fulgencio has renovated the mini golf course opposite the post office in Calle Francisco de Quevedo, and also the one in Calle Alfredo Kraus. Mini Golf Courses🏌🏼 Anyone can use the course free of charge but will need to use their own golf clubs and balls.

Go-Karts San Fulgencio just off the N-332 near La Marina NOW is Fun Time

Go Karts San Fulgencio A go-karting track on La Marina’s and Guardamars doorstep Telephone 633-494-005

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Paddle Class

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