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Murcia Lorca Castle

Lorca Castle is a fortress of medieval origin constructed between the 9th and 15th centuries consists of a series of defensive structures that, during the Middle Ages made the town and the fortress 🏰

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Some general views of the Fortaleza Del Sol, also known as Lorca Castle, in Spain. www.danielputkowski.com

Huellas de la Cultura Judia en Lorca

The Exhibition “Footprints of Jewish culture in Lorca” aims to show the historical, patrimonial and cultural legacy of the Jewish presence in the city of Lorca in medieval times.

Although there would probably already be a Jewish community in earlier stages, it is in the late medieval period when we have more information about it, coming from both documentary and archaeological sources, thanks to the findings made in recent years in the Lorca fortress.

The planned program will show, first of all and by way of historical and archaeological contextualization, the presence of the Jewish minority in the peninsular area in Roman, late ancient and medieval Islamic times, to then explain the traces of Jewish culture in Lorca.

Objective is to make known not only the history of this community, also divulge details related to their daily life, professional, religious or material culture, that is, delve into the privacy of family life, day to day, of the Jews who lived during the Late Middle Ages in the Castle of Lorca.

Lorca Castle

Lorca Castle

For this we have the information provided by the excavation of the Jewish quarter in the Castle of Lorca in which, in addition to bringing to light numerous houses and a synagogue that stands out for its spectacular state of conservation, numerous objects have been recovered (ceramics, metal objects, lamps, hannukiyas, etc..) that shed more light on the daily life of Lorca’s Jews.

Therefore, the purpose of the program is to offer a different vision but without losing sight of the historical framework and relations with the Christian majority of the city. professional, religiosity or material culture, that is, delve into the intimacy of family life, day to day, of the Jews who lived during the Late Middle Ages in the Castle of Lorca.

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Castles Murcia there is a wide and interesting selection of castles in the region that are well worth visiting Open to the public with guided tours in Spanish & English🏰

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Murcia does not boast a large City centre but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in appearance.

It is cleaner than many Spanish Cities. It has some striking buildings, all located within walking distance of each other. Also has some of the smartest City centre shops.

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Castles in Spain there are approximately 2, 500 across Spain Here are some of the better known that are worth a visit. Also other Historical places of interest in SpainLorca Castle🏰

Lorca Castle


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Lorca Castle

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