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Castle of Bullas Los Fajardo

Los Fajardo Castle of Bullas The castle of Bullas is a castle located in Peña Rubia de Cehegín, Bullas, Murcia Casstillo de los Velez Murcia📌


At the highest point of the hill that protects the city of Mula, crowning the crest of a huge rocky head, is the castle of Mula, also called Los Fajardo or Los Vélez, in reference to the Fajardo family, marquises of Los Velez.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most famous and important heritage elements of Mula, a town of about 17,000 inhabitants that is located in the Comarca del Río Mula, in the center of the Region of Murcia.

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16th century

We can already see the impressive castle of Mula, with a physiognomy that began to take shape in the 16th century.

But before, on that same site, there was an Arab fortification, the first surviving notice of which dates back to the year 1078, when Abenammar’s troops besieged the city of Murcia.

The following news of the castle dates from 1244, when the Infante Alfonso de Castilla (the future Alfonso X the Wise) takes the castle with arms.

After resisting Jaime II’s Aragonese troops at the end of the 12th century, and after a multitude of political vicissitudes that occurred in the 15th century that affected the possession of the castle by the Fajardo family,


In 1524, Pedro Fajardo Chacón, I Marquis de Los Vélez, entrusted the construction of the current castle to the tracista Luis Fajardo, with the purpose of putting an end to the uprising of the people of Muleño against the presence of the marquis.

The castle, in a Renaissance style characterized by the use of very simple lines, consists of three bodies attached but not interlocked: parade ground, keep, and keep-cistern.

Its structure, with strong walls built mostly of finely carved ashlar masonry, It has allowed its structure to reach our days intact, although deteriorated.

The enclosure, with an irregular floor plan, consists of a fence or Arab wall from the 9th to the 13th centuries as a parade ground built in mud with a different structure, reinforced with a 14th-century masonry tower.

Los Fajardo Castle
Casstillo de los Velez Murcia Los Fajardo Castle


Also, access to the keep was made from a drawbridge that, over time, was rebuilt to be a fixed bridge.

The first two floors of the keep were intended, at first, as rooms for the garrison and barely have loopholes.

A third floor is built in this tower that would be used as the lord’s quarters.

The new tower-cistern is also built, attached to the tribute, as we can well appreciate in the images.

From the top of the castle we can enjoy exceptional views of the Mula River, which gives its name to the region, and a rich and varied landscape.

From the low roof that faces north we can appreciate, at the foot of the hill, the extensive hamlet of the city of Mula, precisely in the place that the Arabs decided to install between the 9th and 10th centuries.

18th century

The scarce presence in Mula of the marquises de Los Vélez throughout the 18th century accelerated the abandonment of the castle, beginning its decline, without recovering the splendor of the preceding centuries.

The fortification was used as a military prison in the 18th century and as a place to collect taxes during the cholera epidemic in the 19th century, being at the end of this century when the family of Los Vélez sold the property.

At the moment, The Muleño city council tries to reach 100% ownership of the fortress to achieve its rehabilitation and enhancement.

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Castle of Los Velez. Mazarron. Murcia.

Los Fajardo Castle

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Los Fajardo Castle

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