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Ourense thermal baths. Ourense is the Capital of Galicia. Fancy taking a dip in a large open-air thermal bath, daytime or nightime, any time of year, in water with a temperature of over 40 degrees centigrade, and right beside the Miño river.

Ourense thermal baths Hotel Irixo 1-star hotel

hotel iroxo
Spanish Spa Baths

Ourense Thermal Dips for Spanish Spa Baths

Hotel Irixo is located in Ourense’s old town, 200 metres from the Cathedral and 5 minutes’ walk from Las Burgas Thermal Springs.

It offers a 24-hour front desk and rooms with free Wi-Fi.

Spanish Spa Baths

Ourence spring town centre Ourense thermal baths
Spanish Spa Baths

All this can be experienced in Ourense, a city with a hidden underground ocean with five natural spring spa areas to enjoy for free, and where you can even see the mineral and medicinal waters Thermal Dips bubbling out of the rock, try these Spanish Spa Baths.

A total bonus for your health and wellbeing.

You can also visit private Japanese-style spa centres (like Zen temples) and relax with seaweed- and chocolate-based beauty treatments. Wellness venues these days are very popular.

Ourence train town centre close up
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And to make it even more convenient, you can also explore this area (a circuit of about four kilometres) by taking the Spa Train.

And right in the historic centre, make time for a visit to the Fuente de las Burgas spring, where mineral and medicinal waters bubble up to the surface at a temperature of 67 degrees centigrade, and where the ancient Romans dedicated an altar to the water nymphs.

Ourense thermal baths.

There are both free public wellness hot springs in Ourense private private spa-like thermal baths. All are located just outside the city along the Miño River.

Ourence down by the river thermal pools
Spanish Spa Baths

Thermal Dips

 Pozas de Muiño da Veiga: Free, open-air, public pools along the banks of the Miño River. Has 4 pools, two large and two small.

Ourence down by the river Thermal Dips
Spanish Spa Baths

Posas de Outariz: Broken into two parts, Pozas de Outariz and Burgas de Canedo which is across a pedestrian bridge.

These beautiful hot springs are surrounded by gardens and are free to the public. There is also a private spa with saunas, massages and two thermal circuits.

Termas Chavasqueira: Private thermal baths with alternating pools of hot and cold water. For 4 euro you can spend an hour and a half in the thermal baths. There are also free, public pools outside of the spa.

Ourense thermal baths. Ourense is the Capital of Galicia. Fancy taking a dip in a large open-air thermal bath for Thermal Dips, daytime or nightime, any time of year, in water with a temperature of over 40 degrees centigrade, and right beside the Miño river.

Spanish Spa Baths

Other Hotels in Ourense

Above is the list of the other Ten Hotels in and around Ourense

Hotel as Termas Ourence
Spanish Spa Baths


Although there’s some drinking fountains and a pool in the old town (As Burgas), the majority of the baths are clustered along the river to the northwest. There are free public pools as well as fancier, spa-like private ones.

There are three things in Ourense, you won’t find anywhere else in Spain’, a popular saying goes: the Santo Cristo, the Roman Bridge and the Burgas hot water fountain.

But there is much more than three things that will captivate you when you visit Galicia’s thermal city for your Thermal Dips.

Hotel Francisco II 4-star hotel

Hotel Fransisco Ourence


Francisco II is located in a quiet area of central Ourense, just a short walk from the city’s famous thermal baths and the Old Town. It offers a free gym.

The natural spring water is supposed to be beneficial for ailments, your skin, and general achiness because of its mineral content.

Ourense. Pronounced “oe-oo-REHN-say” [owˈɾɛn.se], it’s the capital of Galicia’.

If you CLICK the Map below it will lead you to the 10 local Hotels in the area of the Ourense thermal baths and wellness centres.

Ourence map for local Hotels Ourense thermal baths
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Spanish Spa Baths

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Ourense thermal baths

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Ourense Spa Baths

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