Torta del Casar pure goats milk cheese now Christmas Present

Torta del Casar Spanish Cheese a vegetarian produce

Torta del Casar is a Spanish cheese made from raw sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region, near the Portuguese border.  Cheesy recipe books for fans of such.

Spanish Cheese

Torta del Casar PDO is a Spanish cheese made from raw sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region, near the Portuguese border.

Named after Casar de Cáceres, its city of origin, the shepherds who made the cheese used to call it ‘atortao’ because it was shaped like a cake or ‘torta’. Torta del Casar is a very rare cheese since it is made from milk of Merino and Entrefina sheep that yield very low milk and it takes a herd of sheep to make 1 kg of the cheese.

Torta del Casar Don Rebesino, en el Palacio de Mijares II

Torta-del-Casar-Cheese Torta del Casar
Torta del Casar is of course a vegetarian produce coagulated with cardoon, a wild thistle which adds a slightly bitter note to the rich and slightly salty tasting cheese.

Soft and Spreadable

The cheese is aged for at least 60 days upon which it develops a semi-hard, yellow to ochre crust and a soft, spreadable, creamy, almost runnier paste.

Its insides are yellowish in color and the aroma very unique. and should be enjoyed as an appetizer or a dessert, spread on bread with a glass of dry, red wine. ENJOY!

Torta del Casar cheese.

Torta del Casar
is of course a vegetarian produce
  • Semi mature cheese
  • Unit
  • Sheep
  • Medium to strong
  • Raw
  • Considered one of the best cheeses in the world, its manufacture is the same that our grandparents used 100 years ago. A raw Merino sheep milk cheese that gives a special flavor due to its curdling with herbs and salt.
  • Here there is a small Torta of El Casar made in a traditional manner with a big flavor and an incomparable quality. Weighs between 300 and 400 grams and is protected with a wooden box. With a fluid texture and an intense flavor it is perfect to spread.

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Queijo Torta del Casar

Queijo Torta del Casar Cheese
Queijo-Torta-del-Casar-Cheese Torta del Casar

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