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Ibiza Yoga come relax treat yourself now is the time

Yoga time on Ibiza

Ibiza Yoga on Ibiza come relax enjoy the Sunshine Treat Yourself Come and grab this precious opportunity to enjoy life

6 Days Yoga Boat Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

6 Days Yoga Boat Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Yoga

Expert tip: This is one of the most popular yoga retreats offered in Spain.

A unique experience of a week of sailing and practicing yoga in stunning spots of the islands.

This is an opportunity to enjoy sailing the Mediterranean and experience life on a sailing boat, practice yoga in beautiful places, and participate in many other magical moments that simply happen during these weeks.

Set sail from Ibiza port to embark on this great little adventure.

It will be a maximum of 10 of you, living and sailing on this amazing boat.

7 Day Detox Yoga Retreat with Charlotte Fox in the hills of Benirras Beach, Ibiza

Villa Roca, Cala BenirrĂ¡s, Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza, Spain

Spain Yoga Retreat

Ibiza Yoga
Ibiza Yoga

Dive into a six-day yoga retreat with Charlotte Fox.

Immerse yourself in a variety of daily yoga practices, adventures, special guest list trips to iconic events on the island and delicious nourishing food in a stunning location just metres from the iconic waters of Benirras Beach.

Ibiza Yoga


What is the history of yoga? How old is yoga? What are the origins of yoga? Is yoga a religion?

When did yoga come to North America?

Is yoga based on Buddhist or Hindu? What is the point of yoga? These are all questions this 13 minute tutorial will dive into as we look at this short history of yoga.

Gather around, grab your mug of tea and settle in for a fire side chat Meditation fancy coming. If you appreciate these videos, please be sure to subscribe, like, and comment to let us know!

Ibiza Yoga

Ibiza Beach and Old Town Walking Tour

This is a video from the summer of 2018 in Ibiza island. This walking tour is on the south side of the island near the old town of Ibiza and the Ibiza beach.

As you can see in the video Ibiza has clear water, many bars and lots of young people Meditation fancy coming.

Ibiza is known around the world for its club and party scene as well as relaxing beach resorts and hotels.

Ibiza Yoga

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