Cabrera Bowls Club located on the outskirts of Turre

Cabrera Bowls Club Nr Mojacar

Cabrera Bowls Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club Al Andalus Garden residencial complex Turre, Nr. Mojacar.  

Just a Bit of Fun with and on Lawn Bowls

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Cabrera Bowls Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green-LOGO Cabrera Lawn Bowling ClubCabrera Lawn Bowling Club

Al Andalus Garden residencial complex
Turre, Nr. Mojacar.

President – John Sephton.

Secretary – Doreen Sands.

Captain is Brian Saunders 634 322 210.

Club email

Club Tel: 950 930 471.

Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club Cabrera Bowls
Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club is established at its new site in the Al-Andalus Garden complex with two fully established grass greens and an attractive clubhouse..     Cabrera Bowls Club Green.

Cabrera Bowls Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club
Cabrera Bowls Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club

Al-Andalus Garden is a complex situated close to Turre, a small village near Mojacar in the province of Almería.
Cabrera Bowls Club Green 2.
View of the mountain backdrop.     Cabrera Bowls Club Green 3,
View from the Club Room.

Cabrera Bowls Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green

Cabrera Bowls Club Green From Club Room.

The Club Room.Cabrera Bowls Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green v Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club

The Bowling Club is owned and run by its members who do not have to be residents of the complex.
Cabrera Bowls Club The Club Room.

Annual Membership Subscription – 200 Euros per person.

Cabrera Bowls Cabrera-Bowls-Club-Green v Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club

Visitors Green Fees – 6 Euros per session, Bowls available for hire.
Cabrera Bowls Club The Green.
Cabrera Bowls Club Spain.

Cabrera Bowls Club is actually located on the outskirts of Turre, 15 minutes drive from the beaches of Mojacar Playa,  although it was originally located in the mountain village of Cabrera a few miles further inland from Turre before beirng relocated when the club expanded.

The club has 2 excellent quality grass greens set in beautiful and peaceful location with the Cabrera mountains providing a stunning backdrop. The clubhouse facilities include spacious dining area overlooking the greens, bar and changing facilities and the catering is provided by external suppliers as needed.

The membership is in the hundreds and continuously growing, mostly local British ex-pats who have settled in the area or visiting members who spend part of the year in Spain, usually winter months.

The members are very sociable and always make sure visitors are made to feel extremely welcome, although as you would expect, they like to compete and are always keen to defend their record against visting teams.
Address:     Al Andalus Garden residencial complex.
Nr. Mojacar,
Phone:     950 930 471.
Cabrera Lawn Bowls Club have their club days as follows:-

Summer (May 1st to 31st October) – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10.00am start.

Winter – (1st November to 30th April) - Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 10.30am start.

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Cabrera Bowls Club Al, Andalus Garden residencial complex, Turre, Nr. Mojacar.

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