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Campsites Aragon  Both sides of the Pyrenees are popular spots for camping and mountaineering  Here is Camping info for Aragon Interested in other Campsites?

Camping Lago Resort, Nuévalos, Aragón (Spain/Espagne)

The Lago Resort campsite

is found between Saragossa and Madrid, just as you reach Nuévalos, on the shore of the La Tranquera reservoir, next to the Piedra Monastery.

The camping and bungalow site lies at the foot of the mountain, terraced so that accommodation and facilities are separate. In a traditional style, perfect for families, couples, hikers and anglers.

Our facilities include a cafeteria and restaurant, supermarket, meeting room, communal restrooms, swimming pool and children’s playground. We have bungalows and apartments to let.

Michelin Spain: Northeast Catalonia, Aragon,


Andorra, Map 574 (Maps/Regional (Michelin).

You should never travel without a good local map, just in case.

Both sides of the Pyrenees are popular spots for winter sports such as alpine skiing and mountaineering.

The Pyrenees are also a good place for European and North African athletes to do high-altitude training in the summertime, such as by bicycling and cross-country running.

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In the summer and the autumn, the Pyrenees are usually featured in two of cycling’s epic grand tours, the Tour de France held annually in July and the Vuelta a España held in September.

The stages held in the Pyrenees are often crucial legs of both tours, drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators to the region, too.
Three main long-distance footpaths run the length of the mountain range; the GR 10 across the northern slopes, the GR 11 across the southern slopes, and the HRP which traverses peaks and ridges along a high altitude route.

However in addition, there are numerous marked and unmarked trails throughout the region. of Aragon.

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Oasis 90, San Francisco De Asis, Urb Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain.

In addition Campsites Aragon Pyrenees area. Pyrenees are popular spots for winter sports such as alpine skiing, and mountaineering Camping Aragon in Spain.

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