Vista Montana

Camperpark Vista Montana Now awaits your motorhome visit

RV Motorhome Camperpark Vista Montana

Camperpark Vista Montana situated in a lovely spot between the mountains Close to Salinas a real Spanish Village The sanitary facilities are in tip-top order RV

Camperpark Vista Montaña

Camperpark Vista Montana

Operated by a Dutch couple who recently moved to Spain to start a motorhome park.

They found the perfect place in the small village of Salinas d’Elda. They are only 400 meters from the town square, so close to multiple restaurants and bars.

The village also has bakeries, butchers and a small supermarket. With mountains in the backyard it is also possible to hike, bike or just walk with your dog.

The park has 28 big pitches 9m x 7m so also suitable for the bigger motorhomes. They offer all the services like wifi, drinking water, ability to dispose grey and black water, toilets and a shower.

They hope to see you soon!

1tS0clpsonshormoed  · Our prices (all year long) 10 euro per pitch per night 3 euro for electricity (3Amp)0,50 euro for a hot shower (6 min)5 euro for the washing machine No extra charges for: Wifi, kids, pets, drinking water, grey/black water disposal, toilets Also for the larger motorhomes or with trailer

Address: Carrer Casica Mataix, 03638 les Salines d’Elda, Alicante

632 31 59 54 Campsite Map

Castles Valencia Region now you can make a visit💋

Santa Barbera Castle view

Castles Valencia Region The area has 19 in total we list some of the interesting wher access can be gained some are free others are by a guide.

Large Detached Villas available

Plot sizes are Large 10,000m2 plots, 4 bed villas available. 290.000 euros.

Stop Dreaming Come live that Dream?

Large Villa Pinoso
Large Detached Villa

Nice unique country property. CLICK BELOW

SALINAS. Alicante pueblo a pueblo

The name of the town already indicates its origin: a salty lagoon presides over the municipal term.

The Iberians located a town in its environment.

In the Sierra Altos de Don Pedro in the archaeological site of ‘El Puntal’ numerous remains have been found that show a remarkable commercial character.

The series entitled “Alicante town by town / Alacant poble a poble”, produced by the Image and Promotion Area of ​​the provincial institution, has the objective of making each of the Alicante towns known in an attractive and intimate way, reflecting their quirks. ——— More information:

Amazed by Spain: How an Unexpected Legacy Changed our Lives 

Camperpark Vista Montana

AMAZED BY SPAIN is a light-hearted account of two couples’ unexpected relocation to inland Alicante.

Before sisters Sue and Linda inherit a village house in the hills they have little interest in Spain, but on travelling out to see their new possession they begin to warm to the idea of spending time there with their husbands Paul and Bill.

After an enjoyable summer holiday the prospect of living in the village becomes irresistible and this book describes their transition from visitors to residents and the diverse selection of people they meet along the way.

This amusing and informative memoir is an ideal read for those interested in the possibilities of expat life in rural Spain.

SALINAS. Alicante town by town

Camperpark Vista Montana

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Camperpark Vista Montana Now awaits your visit

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CamperPark Vista Montana

optimised Sept 11 p 90 campersites 90 May 3 H 77 March 6 March 15 RV motorhomes

Tel/Fax (00)3496-679-0844 
San Francisco De Asis, Urb Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain.

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