Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist now eight cloth free beaches

The Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist FKK

Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist There are eight main such beaches two in Arrecife (Tias), four in Playa Blanca,at the south of the island and one in Famara near the Costa Teguise,and one on Yaiza beach

Lanzarote Naturist beach MAP is below

If you are looking for a Lanzarote naturist beach naturism on Lanzarote,
then there is plenty to choose from.

Lanzarote Naturist
Lanzarote Naturist beach MAP is above

Naturist beaches in Lanzarote.

There are eight main Lanzarote naturist beaches: two in Arrecife (Tias), four in Playa Blanca, at the south of the island and one in Famara near the Costa Teguise, and one on Yaiza beach. See above Map

On all these beaches, naturism is accepted (i.e. there will be a large percentage of naturists but not 100%), whilst Caleta del Congrio it is the norm… unlikely to find any people in suits at all (but this one has hardly any facilities).

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Playa Guasimeta – Arrefice – Tias Lanzarote naturist beach

NEAR BY ACCOMMODATION for Naturist beaches in Lanzarote

Playa Matagorda – Arrefice – Tias Lanzarote naturist beach
Playa Puerto Muelas – Playa Blanca Lanzarote naturist beach
Lanzarote naturist beach Playa Caleta del Congrio – Playa Blanca
Playa Las Mujeres – Playa Blanca Lanzarote naturist beach
Lanzarote naturist beachPlaya Afre (Las Coloradas) – Playa Blanca
Playa Janubio – Yaiza Lanzarote naturist beach FKK
Lanzarote naturist beach Playa Famara – Famara – Teguise

OK, now you know where they are, briefly this is what can be said about them:

Lanzarote Naturist
Playa Guasimeta
Lanzarote Naturist
Playa Matagorda

A Lanzarote naturist beach for you.

Naturist beaches in Lanzarote

Playa Guasimeta Lanzarote naturist beach – Arrefice – Tias is a very clean beach, and very close to the airport (the runway is pretty much beside it). It never gets too packed.

It has restaurants etc, and is far from civilization. Take the GC-720 road from Tias to Arrecife, take the sharp turn-off where you see a signpost for Playa Honda, and about half a mile down the road you come to a car-parking area for Playa Guasimeta.

A short walk takes you to the sea.
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Playa Puerto Muelas Lanzarote naturist beach – Playa Blanca is OK, this is very small and very pretty, surrounded by cliffs. However, it gets fairly packed out.

Take the LZ-2 road towards Yaiza, and before you get to Playa Blanca per se, you follow a sign leading from the roundabout that says “Playa Papagayo“.

This tarmac road soon turns into a dirt-track and then you’re at the beach (you can pretty much park on the actual beach so there’s minimal walking involved).
Very safe beaches and the best on the island in terms of scenery.
There is a bar/cafe at the main papagayo beach. Well worth the drive out.

Playa Caleta del Congrio Lanzarote naturist beach – Playa Blanca is another small beach that gets packed out, and which has no facilities whatsoever, not even a restaurant to my knowledge.

Surrounded by hills and mountains but before you get too excited, you’ll be lucky to find a single blade of grass there. Follow the same directions to Papagayo as Puerto Muelas above.

Playa Las Mujeres Lanzarote naturist beach – Playa Blanca is exactly the same as Playa Caleta del Congrio above. No facilities, gets packed, same vegetation, same surroundings, same directions.

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=========Naturist beaches in Lanzarote========

Playa Blanca area

Playa Afre (Las Coloradas) Lanzarote naturist beach – Playa Blanca is the nearest Textile free beach to Playa Blanca town, therefore it gets busy like the other Playa Blanca resorts, but unfortunately there are no facilities again.

The other thing about this beach is the sand. It’s very dark (volcanic) and gritty. Kids won’t like playing in it.

And you’ll be trying to scratch the sand out for days. Yuck! However, it’s ever so easy to get to from Playa Blanca and not expensive by cab from the town centre. From Yaiza to Playa Blanca on the LZ-2, take a turn left towards Playa Afre just before you hit Playa Blanca.

After a couple of miles (if that) you’re there, and you can park fairly close by although not as closely as some of the other Playa Blanca resorts.

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Naturist beaches in Lanzarote

Playa Janubio Lanzarote naturist beach – Yaiza is boring, dirty volcanic sand and gravelly. Water can be rough and because of it’s west-side location it has a tendency to get pretty rough.

However, you’ll probably be one of the only people on the beach, so if this is what you want then you’re laughing. However, it’s clearly the worst one for kids, and you won’t feel confident with them in the water if it’s rough.

To get there, it’s the LZ-2 again towards Yaiza, but turn off to the left towards Salinas and El Golfo. After a mile you get to a parking area just off the beach. No bars or restaurants.

Playa Janubio
Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist

Playa Famara – Famara Lanzarote naturist beach – Teguise is huge, the sand is golden (although a little gravelly in parts), but the wind is high and the sea can be the roughest on the island.

The best bit is the sand-dunes. And the beach itself is well kept and clean. A good place to go to after spending some time in Teguise market (in Teguise town inland, Sunday mornings) which is absolutely brilliant BUT REMEMBER TO HAGGLE.

If you are buying drinks or cigarettes, you will get amazing prices in shops in Teguise (the island is tax-free but that doesn’t stop shops on the coast charging extra). Drinks are next to nothing.

To get to the naturist beach from Arrecife, stay on the LZ-20 towards San Bartolomé, take the LZ-30 to Teguise, just before hitting the town (assuming you’re not going to the Sunday morning market) take a left on the LZ-40 to
 and you’re soon there.

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Charco del Palo, near Mala

 is also very well known as a naturist village.FKK

Charco del Palo, Lanzarote, Canary Island – Textile free Village and small beaches The Textile free village of Charco del Palo is east of Mala on the Northeast coast of Lanzarote.

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Lanzarote Caleton Blanco Orzola

Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist

The north coast of Lanzarote Naturist beaches in Lanzarote are the least frequented by tourists, who generally prefer to stay in the most accessible and equipped places on the south coast.

Located in the Orzola area, the spectacular Caleton Blanco beach (about 500 meters long) is one of the wild wonders beaches in this stretch of coastline.

With the suggestive contrast of colors created by the white of the sand, the black of the volcanic rocks, and the thousand shades of blue of the ocean, Caleton Blanco is surely one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Archipelago.

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Canary Islands Lanzarote Naturist

Lanzarote Naturist

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