Spinach feta cheese pie

Spinach feta cheese pie based on a video from Jamie Oliver

Spinach and feta cheese pie

Spinach feta cheese pie Spinach and feta cheese pie  Recipe from Spain

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This recipe is based on a video from Jamie Oliver, but instead of using philo pastry (because I didn’t find on supermarket) I’ve used shortcrust pastry so it will be more similar to a quiche. Ours we call Spinach feta cheese pie

Ingredients: Spinach feta cheese pie

– 4 eggs
– 400 gr feta cheese
– 1 spinach bag
– 1 sheet of shortcrust pastry
– Pine nuts
– 1 lemon
– Grated emmental cheese
– Nutmeg

To prepare this spinach and feta cheese pie, which is very similar to a quiche we will start putting a pan in the fire.

When pan is hot add pine nut and keep on fire for about 5 minutes until the are toasted. On the same pan add some oil oil and the spinach bag.

Don’t get foolish about how much space they take at the beginning as will reduce a lot. Add some nutmeg to the spinach as well as grate the skin of a lemon. Move them and cook until they get reduced.

On a bowl add 4 eggs, 400 gr of shredded feta cheese, black pepper and some grated emmental cheese. Mix and crush it will with a fork. Then add the toasted pine nuts and spinach. Mix it well.

Cover the mold with a sheet of shortcrust pastry, leaving the paper so it will be easier to unmold.

With your hands accomodate the shortcrust pastry to the mold. Fill it with the mix, and distribute well with a spoon.

Cut the waste of shortcrust pastry, leaving about 2 fingers above the mix. Cover with grated emmental cheese and cook in the oven at 400º F (200º C) for 25 minutes.

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Cooking Spanish Style covering most areas Mediterranean

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