Alicante vegan holiday time

Vegan Holidays Spain Yoga Cooking Meditation now improve

Vegan Holidays Spain Yoga, Cooking, and Nutrition Retreat in Spain

Vegan holidays Spain incorporating vegan cooking workshops in a peaceful Yoga meditation environment feeding your body, your mind & your soul and give you new inspiration to improve your well being. vegan recipe books

Vegan holidays Spain

7 Day Yoga Holiday and Creative Plant-Based Vegan Cooking in Trujillo

Yoga Holiday and Vegetarian Cooking in Spain

Healthy, delicious, climate-friendly, and endlessly varied, plant-based food is a world apart.

But it needs an approach all of its own.

Through practical hands-on tutorials, Spanish Yoga Retreat shares essential techniques and recipes expressing the ingenuity of human cultures from around the globe in turning the humble vegetable into a thing of wonder.


Daily yoga class x 5
Daily cooking tutorial x 5
Brunch and dinner x 5
Pre-departure brunch
Dinner on arrival
6 nights accommodation

Skill level




5 Day Cooking Retreat in Ibiza

Torrent des Fornas, Het land van Roos, 07816 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza

Plant-Based Cooking Vacation in Ibiza

Did you know that healthy food can be an important enhancer of your intuition?

The purpose of this retreat is to discover what it means to be truly nourished.

You will be exploring your senses and using your intuition to direct you as you learn to cook plant-based meals.


4 hands-on cooking workshops and food prep demonstrations
4 intuition-enhancing workshops
1 Reintegration Massage session
Special core strength workshop: Journey into the Pelvic Floor
1 excursion to a special site in Ibiza
4 nights accommodation
All meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks

Skill level

4 days with instruction in
The organizer also speaks: Dutch, Spanish
Group size: Maximum of 6 participants
Airport transfer available:
Ibiza Airport (€ 25 per person)



Secret Spain Travel Guide: Visit Alicante’s Myths & Legends

Vegan holidays Spain

Discover fascinating tales of legendary characters during your journey through Alicante.

This Alicante travel guide adds an exciting new dimension to sightseeing.

Read tales from the region’s rich history and then follow in the footsteps of the heroes who starred in these legends during days out in Alicante.

Get to know what a romantic Sultan did to see his Ice Queen smile again.

Feel the anguish of a loved-up princess who is betrothed to the wrong man.

Feel the sorrow of the Moor whose face is etched in the side of Alicante castle.

Get a wonderful sense of community as a brave heroine risks everything to save her townsfolk from massacre.

Then find out why it’s wise to steer clear of the Segura river on a certain night of the year.

This travel guide is for adventurers who want to discover the ‘real’ Alicante of bygone years.

Enjoy an emotional journey as you discover Alicante through its legendary fables and then take a trip to Alicante’s towns to see for yourself where these tales took place.

Over the past 14 years, journalist Sarah Farrell has been discovering legendary tales revealing the romantic – and sometimes heartbreaking – history of the fascinating Alicante region. Now she’s written this travel guide to Alicante so you can discover these amazing stories too.

ALICANTE Costa Blanca – Spain (Travel Experience)

Fall in love with the light of Alicante and discover its most beautiful and emblematic corners: Barrio de Santa Cruz, beaches, Santa Bárbara Castle, monuments and historic buildings, museums and cultural centres, promenades and gardens.


How to Make Tasty Caramelised Onions

Caramelised onions are so easy and satisfying to make
A bit of time is all that’s needed and you might get some tears from all the chopping.

Vegan holidays Spain

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San Francisco De Asis, Urb Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain

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