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The Bodegas Faelo Bodegas Faelo 💚

Bodegas Faelo At El Faelo You are welcome with us to visit a small 100-year-old family wine farm where winemaking is still handled in the traditional way

Address: Camino de los Coves Poligono 3, Partida Matola, 18, 03296 Elche, Alicante Hours:  ⋅ Closes 1PM Phone655 85 68 98 Bodegas Faelo 💖

Wine Tasting in Elche – Visit a Traditional Winery Bodega Faelo

At El Faelo winery you will be treated to not only a joy to the taste buds but also a fascinating delight to the mind as you discover facts that you never knew and learn all about the intricacies of winemaking, from a family-run business that has been established for more than 100 years. Bodegas Faelo 💚

On your guided tour, which is led by an English-speaking guide you will discover how wine is made using only the purest traditional methods and then partake in a tasting of some of the wines produced on the site, along with an aperitif or a more substantial gourmet meal.

Did you know that the moon influences winemaking processes? Bodegas Faelo 💖

In this wine tasting you will discover ecological ways to protect crops against pests, how the grapes are pressed and squeezed, the properties of the barrels where the wine is aged and so much more.



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Traditional Bodegas Faelo 💖

Bodegas Faelo
Bodegas Faelo 💖

How they fit all that information in a short tour is truly incredible.

You will be able to impress your friends and guests and become an overnight connoisseur of wine and how it´s made.

If you are passionate about wine, you really shouldn´t miss the opportunity to visit Bodega Faelo, in Elche. Bodegas Faelo 💚

It´s situated just 25 minutes from Torrevieja and is one of the few local wineries where wine is still made through traditional and centuries-old processes.

Bodegas Faelo

What exactly does the visit of this ancient bodega consist of?

In both tours you will learn about the history of a family winery which is more than 100 years old with the original building and an extension built when the family decided to produce wine to sell, you will find out how a small winery grew to produce around 10,000 litres of wine a season. Bodegas Faelo 💖


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Bodegas Faelo Old Press

Bodegas Faelo

You will also visit all the facilities, from the wooden press where the grapes have been stepped since they started to the huge fermentation hall, leading into the compact barrel room where you can find some really special wines, including one with a very special added ingredient, perfect for celebrations! Bodegas Faelo 💚

Also you can also pass through the incredible vineyards, all led by the friendly knowledgeable guides.

Nothing is too much trouble and questions are welcomed. Bodegas Faelo 💖

You will discover the traditional wines of Elche while you walk through this rural environment as well as understanding the history and methods of making artisan eco-friendly wine.

At the end of the visit, you can enjoy a tasting of wines made at the bodega, accompanied by an aperitif or a succulent gourmet lunch.

Then pick up a bottle or several, at great prices, to enjoy at your leisure. Bodegas Faelo 💚

Vegetarian and Vegan options available

Both the aperitif and lunch have vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a children’s menu.

Bodegas Faelo
Bodegas Faelo 💖

These options must be indicated when making the reservation.

Find out about the special festival in September and how you can become involved in the winemaking process!

Bodega Faelo are also available for wedding receptions or small gatherings, it´s an amazing alternative for that special celebration.

Visits are by prior reservation.Bodegas Faelo 💚

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Pick the area that interests you, from in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal or Slovenia.
You can choose from visiting century old cellars to walking among rows and rows of vineyards and discovering the mysteries of wines made in monasteries, a Wine Tasting Vacation is a walk through history as you’ll taste tradition with every sip you take.


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