Tapas Bars La Marina Spanish cuisine now come enjoy

Local La Marina area Tapas Spanish bars

Tapas bars La Marina Spanish local Restaurants Where you will be able to taste the real Spain. Well worth a few tries at different bars they will make you most welcome.😍

Spanish Indian Tapas Bar Delicatessen

New Tapas bar on urbanisation … Ruhel Ahmed Indian n Spanish tapas absolutely gorgeous Next to Jason card shop on the strip … give it a try Tapas Bars🎉

Tapas Bars
Tapas Bars

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars


Raices La Marina
Tapas Bars

Restaurants Raices Tapas Bars

Mar Mediterráneo 4 local 12
San Fulgencio, La Marina

Reservas al

Raices Raices new premises for the restaurant new address same incredible food for our Tapas BarsTapas Bars😋Tapas Bars😍

Tapas Bars
Tapas Bars

Situated in the area of Iceland where also the Saturday market is held. A very popular local restaurant and Tapas Bars

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars


Piggy in the Middle Tapas Bar

Calle Parque Pisuerga 124, urb. La marina, (The Grey Area) Alicante, Spain
Tel: 643 08 95 53
email Piggyinthemiddlebartapas@outlook.com

All our Tapa dishes are for sharing & are ideal for Family’s & groups. Also serving Vegan, gluten free.

OPENING HOURS! Evenings……Thursday, Friday , Saturday, Sunday 6pm Lunch………..Saturday & Sunday 1pm

643089553 or facebook or website.


Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA, La Marina – Calle Pedro Maria Unanue La Marina Restaurants.

Situated in the road that you drive downwards at the side of Dialprix

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

Phone684 12 14 89 966 79 50 78 Tapas Bars

Calle Pedro Maria Unanue, 25, 01377 La Marina Spain+34 966 79 50 78

The Spanish use Santa Monica’s so that’s a plus, good choice, very tasty and great value!

Santa Monica

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

La Estacion

La Estacion La Marina
Tapas Bars

Just across the road from Smart Properties
Address: Alfredo Kraus, 2 – Urbanización La Marina, 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante Hours: Open ⋅Phone865 77 72 55

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Tia Maria

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

Restaurant Bar La Tia Maria, La Marina San Fulgencio

C. Francisco De Quevado, 18, Consum Square, La Marina Urb. , 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain

Phone622 61 14 41

Tapas Bars ++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Tio Pepe

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

Av. De Londres , 1 , La Marina Urb. , 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain
Contact Number +34 966 18 43 02

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Taperia La Rosa Negra

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

C. Teresa Berganza , 4a , La Marina Urb. , 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain
Contact Number +34 652 65 33 60

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Tapas bars

Bar Ramón

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

THE GREY AREA, Contact Number +34 639 04 97 32
C. Parque Pisuerga , La Marina Urb. , 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Maya’s Bar

The bar is friendly clean locals love going there for Tapas and Coffee. It is situated in the Grey area

Tapas Bars
Tapas Bars
Tapas Bars

633 06 59 62 Tapas Bars

Tapas Bars

calle Madrid 115 local 32, Alicante, Spain

Tapas Bars ++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

La Taberna de Abigail

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

Address Parque Pisuerga 4 Avenida De Londres, 03177 San Fulgencio Spain

Phone number 722 72 69 78 email susiemc15@gmail.com

From Monday 18th July we will be opening from 11.30 am until 8.30 pm Monday to Friday jn our Tapas Bars

Alan Dinning Cherrini cafe and wine bar next to the Saturday market does excellent tapas

Tapas Bars ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Tapas bars La Marina village area

Los Carmelos

bodega los carmelos outside

Bodega Los Carmelos Tapas Wines from Barrel sample now

The Bodega Los Carmelos has on offer Hundreds of Tapas and Wine direct from the Barrel. Ctra. Alicante-Cartagena, 347, Closed Saturday afternoon and Sundays.
La Marina, Elx / Elche, Alicante, 03194 Spain THIS IS IN THE VILLAGE
PHONE NUMBER IS 965 419 111

They open at 6.00am and close at 2.00pm. Open again at 5.00pm ’til 8.00pm.

Tapas Bars ++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars


Jose y Marias Bar Buena Vista family operated good popular

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

The Jose y Marias Bar is the only cafe bar on the complex of Buena vista and is family concern serving food and drink from the time they open until they close. Urbanisacion Buenavista, Guardamar del Segura, Spain

Contact Number +34 965 72 95 56 Business AddressUrb. Buenavista , s/n , 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain

Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

7 Day Spanish and Cooking Course in the City of Granada, Andalusia

Guest House, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Cooking Course Granada

Are you looking to learn about Spain’s language, culture, and food?

Then come and join Escuela Montalban as they offer an intensive Spanish language and culinary course in Spain.

Cooking Course

Master a new language or build upon your Spanish in a friendly atmosphere with a personal touch and learn how to prepare some of the most exquisite recipes with a professional chef coming from Al-Andalus times.

Get immersed in the Spanish way of life and practice your new skills while staying with your host family!



Next to the ELF GARDEN CENTER ! Just down from the petrol station

Tapas Bars La Marina
Tapas Bars

Lovely, friendly people. Opening hours 10, 10.30am till late at night 12ish or later if more people are there. It has a lovely terrace with trees, plants & ornaments which by the way are also for sale.

Open all day and night Wood Tapas Bars La Marina 🪵 cooking too which is so tasty Tapas Bars La Marina 😋 really lovely ambiance


8 Day Walking, Wine, and Cooking Tour in Bilbao and La Rioja, Spain

Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Explore the world of wine in La Rioja, the tiny but huge wine region by the shores of the Ebro River, surrounded by majestic mountains.

Wine tasting

La Rioja is a place where history blends with new modern architecture and signature wines.

Walk the vineyards, the mountains, and the Rioja forests.


Tapas Bars +++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Hostal Maruja El Pinet on the seafront at La Marina


Hostal Maruja Amongst the more than fifty well-kept chalets that line the beach is the Hostal Maruja which has sat at the centre of this parade for sixty years and as you can see from the images, hasn’t changed at all.

Tel 965419126

Tapas Bars ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tapas Bars

Chinese Asian Restaurants that are in or local to La Marina

Chinese Asian Restaurants in La Marina urb and Village plus a few worth a mention in the local area of La Marina on the Costa Blanca


Curry Houses Indian Restaurants Now how to find La Marina

Curry Houses Indian Restaurants in and around La Marina San Fulgencio on the Costa Blanca. We have three excellent Indian establishments to choose from

What is available where and when La Marina

Local Social Clubs Meet ups La Marina

Local social clubs Meet ups activities in La Marina or around the area quizzes, walking, dancing, sport, computer club, keep fit, Men’s shed knitters churches, The litter pickers.

Tapas bars

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Spain Info. San Francisco De Asis, Urb La Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain.

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