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Ducal Palace Gandia stunning popular Palace now to view

The Magnificent Ducal Palace Gandia

Ducal Palace Gandia was, from the 14th century, the residence of the Royal Dukes of Gandía, Initially the Palace was designed as a civil Gothic style urban castle

Gandia Spain A 14th Century Ducal Palace in Gandia Valencia 

Ducal Palace Gandia

The Ducal Palace Gandia was, from the 14th century, the residence of the Royal Dukes of Gandía, and from 1485, the Borja family.

Ducal Palace Gandia was the birthplace of Saint Francis Borja.

The oldest part of the building dates from the 15th century in Valencian Gothic style, but was restored and turned into a sanctuary by the Society of Jesus.

It is attached to the wall that surrounds the city and has two gates, a Gothic one and one from the Renaissance.

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The Crown Hall Ducal Palace Gandia

Its remarkable interior has some interesting spaces, like the Golden Gallery, made in Baroque style, and the Crown Hall.

Initially the Palace was designed as a civil Gothic style urban castle and was ultimately transformed into a comfortable fortified palace.

The main entrance to the Palacio Ducal is a robust door with a rounded arch, which together with the hallways are the oldest elements of the Gothic palace.

You enter from this area and there is an imposing central parade ground with an impressive exterior staircase by which you ascend to the halls, among which the Baroque style Salón de Coronas and Galeria Dorada are notable.

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Ducal Palace Gandia

Gandia Beach Valencia Spain – Walking Tour April 2021


Playa Gandia is ranked among the best beaches in all of Spain.

The quality of this beach have been awarded with a Blue Flag.

Gandia Beach covers about 7 kilometers of sandy beach.

Along the beach you will also find a beautiful promenade with restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Ducal Palace Gandia

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