El Hondo Crevillente

El Hondo nature reserve this is beautiful interesting area

Nature Reserve El Hondo

El Hondo Nature Reserve protected nature reserve on the border of Elche and Crevillente where the rivers Rio Vinalop贸 and Rio Segura channel together to form a great natural lagoon.

03293 Elx, Alicante Parc Natural El Fondo d’Elx-Crevillent,

DISCOVER THE SPECTACULAR NATURE RESERVE AT “EL HONDO”!..This protected nature reserve is located on the border of Elche and Crevillente where the rivers Rio Vinalop贸 and Rio Segura channel together to form a great natural lagoon.

The park El Hondo is known for its picturesque landscapes dominated by reeds & ponds, and the abundance of wildlife such as different species of birds, ducks and flamingos.

With various walkways and shaded observational spots along the route, you will comfortably get to know the reserve, and appreciate some bird watching along the way!

El Hondo natural park has a picnic area and a visitors information centre with walking route suggestions, giving you the chance to discover as much of the park as you like and at your own pace.

Open everyday, all day and with free entrance, the car park and route starting point can be found at the following location: Finca el Rinc贸n, Azarbe de Afuera, s/n, 03158 Crevillent, Alicante

EL HONDO – A Birding Paradise

El Hondo

During the migrations, many waders such as Green, Little, and Wood sandpipers, along with Black Tern and Garganey can be observed in el Hondo de Elche. 

In winter el Hondo de Elche is very good for raptors such as Booted Eagle, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, Hen Harrier, Marsh Harrier, and Spotted Eagle which have become very regular.

Their numbers go from 3-5 birds and in some years there have been Lesser-spotted Eagles too.

Besides, Bluethroat, Cranes, and Craig martin are often seen in winter.
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El Hondo

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