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Fishing Licenses required both sea and inland now check details

Fishing Licenses Costa Blanca Spain

Fishing Licenses Information on fishing licences  the permit required to fish in the Costa Blanca. Information on fishing licences – the permit required to fish off the Costa Blanca coast or in the fresh waters of the region and information on finding out about the fishing areas, catches and local fishing news.


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Fishing Licences Fishing Licenses

A regional fishing licence, or rod licence, (permiso/licencia de pesca) is required to fish both inland and sea waters in Spain. The permit should specify if it is for a “catch and release” (sin meurte) area.

For those not holding a foreign fishing licence, a Spanish licence can be obtained from the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Applicants must pass an exam in Spanish before being granted a licence. After the exam, it takes over a month to receive the results and permit.

  • Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

  • At
    : Calle Churruca No29, Alicante
  • This is about 400 meters inland from the new bus station in Alicante
    Tel: 965 148 111
    Fax: 965 148 108

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Holders of an existing foreign licence will not be required to take an exam in Spanish and may obtain a fishing licence online from Telelicencia. (google this they keep changing the page address)

  • Telelicencia
    : Corazon de Maria 68 1G, 28002 Madrid
    Tel: 902 300 622 / 914 161 101

Fishing Licenses Licences are free in some regions for residents of Spain over the age of 65.

Fishing in rivers, estuaries or lakes also requires an angling licence, which can be obtained from many fishing shops, some Caja Rural and Caja Mar Banks, or from the local office of the Ministry of the Environment (Minsterio de Medio Ambiente).

Trout fishing usually requires an additional daily permit (licencia de pesca rio con recargo trucha), which essentially buys temporary membership to a local fishing club.

Fishing insurance (seguros de pesce) for civil liability may be required when applying for the licence. Inquire prior to applying for a license, as this insurance is not required in all regions of Spain.


Failure to obtain the necessary permits and licences can result in large fines and confiscation of fishing equipment.

Some anglers choose to hire professional tour operators to obtain the required permits, licences and insurance.

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Fishing Waters Fishing Licenses.

There are both public and private fishing waters in Spain. An additional permit may be needed to fish in some. There are three types of fishing environment:

  • Free (libros): These waters do not require a special permit
  • Restricted (cotos): These are waters that do require a permit
  • Fisheries (intensivos): Permits for these waters are often available in local shops

The fishing season varies based on the particular species of fish. Most rivers have restrictions on the numbers of licences issued per day and the quantity and size of the fish that may be caught.

The season for non-mountain trout runs from the first Sunday in March to 15 August.

The Spanish fishing and casting association website (Federación Española de Pesca y Casting) has information on fishing sites and regulations (in Spanish). Local tourist offices and town halls often have information about local fishing areas and provide fishing maps (mapa de pesca fluvial).

Fishing on the Costa Blanca

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Costa Blanca

On the Costa Blanca both salt-water and fresh-water fishing are widely practised. A fishing fee must be paid to fish in certain areas (pesca de pago); in others fishing is free (pesca libre).

Beach fishing and fishing from the rocks is possible, however catches are better when fished from a boat.

  • A comprehensive guide to the fishing areas in the Costa Blanca area from Go Fishing Spain:

Freshwater fishing trips as well as boat rental and deep-sea fishing trips can be arranged.

The rivers on the Costa Blanca contain carp, zander, pike, black bass and barbell. The Amadorio and Guadalest dams are said to be good fresh-water fishing spots.

As for sea fishing, sea bream, bass, and grey mullet can be found just off the coast, while further out, fishing for mackerel can be done. Tuna can be fished in the autumn and winter.

Underwater fishing Costa Blanca Fishing Licenses.

A licence for underwater fishing has to be obtained and is issued by the local authorities. Fishers may use a snorkel tube, mask and mechanical harpoon gun but underwater fishing with scuba equipment is forbidden.

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When you connect the Costa Blanca with fishing you would normally associate it with sea fishing but away from the coast you will find a network of rivers and lakes that will satisfy the appetite of the most enthusiastic angler.

costa-blanca-fishing Fishing Licenses
Fishing Licenses

You will need a regional fishing license and these can be obtained via the many angling shops located along the coast of the Costa Blanca.

If you intend to fish for trout during March – August then you will need a license with the trout supplement on it.

Licenses cost around 12-Euros.
With both public and private fishing areas available you need to ensure that you have the license if needed. Soem may insist on an additional permit through the local tackle shop is the best source for information on this.


The Amadorio and Guadalest dams provide the very best for freshwater fishing and you will find that the many fishing clubs and specialist fishing tour operators provide trips that will include licenses.

You will find many local sea fishermen on the rocks and harbours though they are only likely to catch smaller bream and bass.

To catch the bigger fish you will need to head out to sea in a boat. These can be chartered if you are part of a group and the boat owner will have the local knowledge to take you further out to fish for tuna, grey mullet and mackerel.

Fishing Club

It is highly recommended to go with the local fishing club who are normally much cheaper than chartering your own boat and you will make some great friends who share your passion (and language). They will also provide all the tackle and bait for your needs.

Freshwater fishing on the Costa Blanca can be great fun for the novice and professional angler alike. For those staying around Benidorm you need not have to travel far for some good action.

The lake at Villa Joyosa is only 7km away,and probably holds the biggest carp on the Blanca. By the biggest I mean a good fish would be a low double, there are rumours of bigger.

This is a payable water. Day tickets available in the village just past the lake called Orxeta, at bar Gregorio, or you can start to fish and the ballif will come and direct you to the bar.

This is a catch and release lake so there are chances of the fish growing bigger, and there is very little rubbish laying about on the riverbank. get your Fishing LicensesCARP Fishing Licenses

For the visitor staying in the Torrevieja area of the Costa Blanca the lake near the village of Torrremendo is stuffed with carp and barbel. Sadly they are not so big, they all seem to be around the 2kg mark or just under.

Bags of 100 lb are common in the summer months for a 6-hr session. Licenses are required to fish each region, for both these lakes you will need an Alicante/Valencia licence which are available from most Caja Rural banks and costing approx 7 euros. Fishing Licenses.

Tour Operators

There are a number of fishing tour operators (including ourselves) up and down the Costa Blanca. The advantage of using these guides is your license is organized for you and they supply all tackle, baits and transport which is usually by 4×4 to get you close to the waters edge.

A good guide will know the best places to fish and a busy guide will be pre-baiting these areas every day. There are some excellent venues in Spain, but not in this area. The specimen hunter will have to travel further afield to catch big fish. This usually means a few nights away but there are 40lb plus carp and incredible barbel up to 35lb.

carp 2 Fishing Licenses
Fishing Licenses

For more information on fishing you can visit our web page on  We will be updating the Blanca Online web site with more information in the spring when the waters warm up and the fishing gets better.

For the trout angler this area is limited. At Hondon de las Nieves you can fish a small trout lake, ideal for the fly angler. All tackle can be hired We fish a private section of the Rio Sugura 2-hrs inland from Torrevieja.

This takes in one night in a hostel fishing the next day before returning home. For details of how to join us or information how to go it alone feel free to email us at With Zander, perch, trout, pike, carp, barbel and bass available there is plenty to challenge the fisherman into using their vast array of techniques and tactics they have mastered over many a fishing season back home. Fishing Licenses.

Fishing Licenses.

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