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Fishing Caspe situated province Aragon Spain
Ebro Fishing Holidays for Catfish, Carp and Zander in
The Mequinenza Reservoir.Local-Carpe Fishing

You will find the town of Caspe situated in the province of Aragon in Spain approximately 250 km to the west of Barcelona airport or just over 100 km to the east of Zaragoza airport, and just an hour drive from Reus airport.

You will definitely need transport during your stay and we advise when booking the flight to book a hired car at the same time, to get the best deal.

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The Mequinenza Reservoir.

Giant-Carpe Fishing

The lake was formed when the river Ebro was dammed, it has stunning views as it makes its way through the stark landscape, extending from Escatron down to the more famous town of Mequinenza.

More anglers are venturing to the upper waters of Lake Caspe, as the fish grow bigger each year.

Many fishing guides operate in this area using boats due to the large expanse of water created by the building of an artificial dam, the Mequinenza Reservoir.

A little further downriver are the towns and villages of , Asco and Vinebre, where exceptional fishing can be enjoyed in more scenic surroundings.

The town is best well known amongst northern European fishermen for the large but elusive catfish (Silurus glanis), which are found in the vast reservoir.

This area is now very heavily fished as a result and it seems that many fishermen are traveling further down river to the less frequented places to catch almost equally large fish

Around the area you can spot a verity of birds such as hoopoe, bee-eaters, golden oriols, shrikes and storks. Birds of prey black kites, buzzards, griffen vultures and eagles sore above in the warm sunshine.

The landscape varies from rugged rocks to flat arable planes, with wild herbs and flowers surviving in the extreme Aragon climate.

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