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Hondon Valley Costa Blanca Three valleys Two Beautiful villages

The Hondon Valley Villas at Hond贸n de las Nieves H贸ndon de los Frailes

Hondon Valley聽The Hondon region consists of three valleys with two villages; H贸ndon de los Frailes, which is really just a hamlet and H贸ndon de las Nieves, a pretty village with plenty of character and very friendly local inhabitants

Tranquilo! Introducing the Hondon Valley by Hondon Villas

Hondon Villas presents a short introduction to the glorious Hondon Valley countryside, Alicante Region, Costa Blanca South, Spain. Come enjoy the sunshine, the mountain views and just chill.

The Hondon Writers Circle

The Hondon Writers Circle is a group of people from different walks of life who meet on a regular basis to discuss and improve their writing skills.

This book consists of new interesting and thought provoking short stories written by the individuals in the group which have not previously been published.

It also contains a short history of the valley the writers circle is named after.

Hondon Valley

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The name ‘Hondon de las Nieves (Snow)’ is not due to its climate but results from the village’s devotion to Our Lady of the Nieves – a devotion shared with the nearby town of Aspe.


In 1926 the adjoining hamlet of Hond贸n de los Frailes gained its independence from Hondon de las Nieves.

Hondon is located in an area producing the bagged grapes, which have provided the main source of prosperity for this traditional farming community in the centre of the Vinalopo Valley.

In addition to the bagged grapes, Hond贸n also produces wines that can be purchased from the local wine  shop (bodega).

Hondon De Las Nieves Hondon Valley

Municipal Offices

Plaza De La Villa, 1  03688 Hondon de las Nieves
Telephone: 965480201 / Fax: 965480480


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Airport Distance from Hondon

 Alicante鈥揈lche Airport (ALC). Distance from Alicante鈥揈lche Airport to Hond贸n de los Frailes is 20.2 miles / 32.5 kilometers 37 min (41.6 km) via CV-845

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Hondon Valley Scenes

With a name that literally means “George of the Friars” the charming village of Hond贸n de los Frailes is located in the beautiful Hond贸n valley about 40 km from the Alicante and the Costa Blanca coastline.

The municipality of Hond贸n de los Frailes covers and area about 12 km2 and has a population of just over 1,000 (2006 figures), it is bounded by the picturesque Sierra de los Frailes (which reach a height of 718 meters above sea level).

The name of the village originates due to the fact that it was owned by an order of Dominican Friars during the 17th Century and was controlled by the Corregimiento de Orihuela until 1833.

In 1840 along with the village of Redovan, Hond贸n de los Frailes became part of the municipality of Hond贸n de las Nieves and remained so until it gained its independence in 1926.

There is evidence of settlements in the area going back to ancient times and there was a Roman site there during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsular.


Later settlements by the Moors established Hond贸n as an agricultural area, producing crops such almonds, olives and grapes.

The present day village has mostly grown up around the 19th Century church, the Iglesia Virgen de la Salud, which was built by the Dominican Friars.

The Hond贸n de las Nieves ( George of the Snows) with its population of 2,300 is named fro the “Virgin of the Snow”, and the village church was built in her honour.

Hond贸n de las Nieves is a peaceful agricultural village with a traditional Spanish feel and both villages have a warm and welcoming community.
So Hond贸n de los Frailes and Hond贸n de las Nieves are renowned for their fine table wines.

Hond贸n de los Frailes is situated on the CV-845 between Aspe and Barbarroja, Hond贸n de las Nieves is also on the CV-845 a little closer to Aspe

hondon map Hondon Valley

Map showing Hondon area of Spain

The Hondon region consists of three valleys with two villages; H贸ndon de los Frailes, which is really just a hamlet and H贸ndon de las Nieves, a pretty village with plenty of character and very friendly local inhabitants.

Alicante-Accommodation Hondon Valley

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Hondon Valley Animal Rescue (HOVAR)

Hondon Valley Animal Rescue Link

Calle Nueva 7 Hond贸n de las Nieves, Spain Hondon Valley Animal Rescue is an animal rescue in the Alicante region in Spain, Hovar are classed as a non-profit Association, and as such by Spanish law reports to its members and pays Spanish tax_.Reg. Association in Valencia. no. CV-01-046410-A 

Hondon Valley

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Hondon Valley

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