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Railway Stations on or near the Spanish Mediterranean coast line. At the moment it seem that they are all connecting by Bus as lines are being updated

Crevillente Railway Station

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Crevillente station is located Avenida Loarre in Crevillente (03339) in the region of Comunidad Valenciana (España).

This place is listed in the Train Station category of the Geodruid Crevillente 2022 guide.

Railway Stations Crevillente



Railway Stations

San Isidro with it’s own railway station connecting to Alicante and Murcia

San Isidro Station well positioned to reach the main local cities of Alicante Elche and by road the coastal seaside resorts Torrevieja Santa Pola La Marina


Elche Railway Station

Elx-Parc Railway Station / Elche


The railway station “Parc” in Elx / Elche (Spain): Estación de Tren de Elx-Parc.

Railway Stations
Railway Stations

Elx-Carrús Railway Station / Elche

From June 1st this year 2024, it will be possible to get on a train at Elche station, and get off at Malaga station, without changing trains.

(There are stops at Orihuela and Alicante en route).

Although high speed trains are used, the journey has a forecast time of 6.5 to 7 hours, partly because the route goes up to Madrid first, but mainly because of the number of stops!

There will be seven between Alicante and Madrid, and up to ten between Madrid and Malaga!

There will be a stop in Madrid Atocha station of between 11 and 27 minutes, but as stated, no rushing around to change trains or seats!

Forecast prices are between 82€ and 90€ each way, but look out for offers.

At nearly seven hours, its longer than driving the route Alicante to Malaga (maybe 5 hours depending on traffic) but undoubtably more relaxing!

More on Fresh Radio Spain, Wednesday 8-10am…/elche-orihuela-junio-ave…


La Garriga Railway Station

Railway Stations

La Garriga railway station located in the province of Barcelona, autonomous community of Catalonia.
It is part of the R3 line of Cercanías Barcelona.

The Railway connects Barcelona with Ripoll at an altitude of 262 meters. The section is single track and electrified.

It is part of the R3 line of Cercanías Barcelona operated by Renfe.

LA GARRIGA Railway Station Just 25 minutes from Barcelona by car or train, La Garriga has been famous for centuries for the properties of its thermal waters, traditionally used to treat medical conditions.

Railway Stations

Camposol to Alicante Airport by Train? Murcia Spain

Railway Stations

22 Feb 2022 • Camposol to Alicante Airport by Train?

The nearest train station is Totana, so you can catch a taxi or go by car.

It’s free parking at the station, except since last year there is no trains running for the next 4/5 years!

There is a bus service using the same train times running each day.

Once at Murcia train station you can catch a train to Alicante, then catch a bus to the airport.

Looking at the train times from Murcia there seems to be only a few running.

Martin o Leary

2 days ago Thanks for the video Shaun. For anybody who likes to use the bus to explore Spain its worth checking out some of the discounts that ALSA and other bus companies offer at different times.

I thought Cuenca/Madrid by bus was good value at €11 single but the bus man insisted it was only €9 because it happened to be Tuesday!

I didn’t object. Also for the over sixties the Tarjeta Dorada will get you good discounts on RENFE.

It costs about €6 for a year.

Railway Stations Travelling from London to Alicante by train

The fastest trains from London to Alicante take around 22 hours and 49 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 1,466 kilometres.

On weekdays, the first train leaving London is scheduled to depart at around 05:40. The last departure is usually at around 20:31.

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