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Manilva now good time to try the Roman Spa

Manilva San Luis de Sabinillas area

Manilva San Luis de Sabinillas. area is known for its relaxing southern atmosphere and it is also a fantastic location for golfing and enjoying the seaside and Roman Spa

Manilva and Sabinillas, Costa del Sol

Apart from one frenzied night in late June ( San Juan), Sabinillas is a quiet laid back place with a safe and clean, good beach, some nice coffee shops and a relaxed, child friendly atmosphere .

Manilva is currently one of the fastest growing areas on the Costa del Sol.
It has two main areas.

The main town, which is 5km inland, is an attractive traditional white village. Meanwhile Sabinillas, is a thriving commercial centre right on the Costa del Sol sea front.

A little known fact is the existence in Manilva of a genuine, and untouched, Roman bath.

Manilva is close to Gibraltar in the west, and is becoming a very popular area for visitors and residents.

Roman Baths

Casares Sulphur Water Roman Bath Trip

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In the Roman Sulphur baths of Hedionda, near Casares village, we have a special stream with high sulphur content in the water due to the spring flowing from a limestone outcrop above the valley.

It attracted the attention of the Romans 2000 years ago and an arched bathing complex was created of which four chambers still exist.

This bath has been always used as a healing tool and still today people go there trying to cope with their skin illnesses.

Suitable for all ages the year round.

Pick up and drop off wherever you prefer is a service available and included in the price.

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Sabinillas is an up and coming seaside resort at the western end of Spain’s Costa del Sol. In terms of tourism, this authentic Spanish fishing village was a relative backwater until recent years.

Its location, 95 kilometres west of Malaga’s international airport, meant Sabinillas was way down the list of hot coastal spots ripe for development when the Costa del Sol tourism boom took off in the 1960s.

It was a few years before expatriates working elsewhere on the Costa del Sol and in British-owned Gibraltar “discovered” Sabinillas and found it to be a convenient and affordable place to set up home.

The village and surrounding area developed a sizeable ex-pat community towards the end of the 20th century and it was only a matter of time before foreign holidaymakers also stumbled across the secret of Sabinillas.

The Village of Sabinillas and its Surroundings – Costa del Sol Lifestyle & Nature

Improved road links, new infrastructure and a general smartening up of the whole area has given birth to a healthy tourist industry since the dawn of the new century.

It’s still in its infancy, compared with that of its easterly neighbour Estepona, but with new holiday and residential complexes now under construction and many more planned for the near future it seems Sabinillas is well on its way to becoming one of the Costa del Sol’s newest household names.

The village’s full title is San Luis de Sabinillas and it lies within the municipality of Manilva – the westernmost province of Malaga bordering the province of Cadiz.

Its coastal location between Marbella and Gibraltar makes it the ideal holiday spot for those seeking a low key “sun and sand” holiday, away from the madding crowds of the busier resorts north east along the coast.

It’s also a perfect holiday destination for golfers and a good base for exploring the white villages of inland Andalucia. Gibraltar, the “Sherry Triangle” of Jerez and the historic city of Cadiz are just a few of the fascinating sightseeing trips within easy reach of Sabinillas.

Or for something completely different you can drive down the coast to Algeciras and pop over to North Africa for the day.

Sabinillas has an attractive seafront promenade flanked by bars and restaurants serving up international fare alongside freshly caught fish and traditional Andalucian dishes.


This is still a working fishing village with a daily fish market supplied by the local fleet who drag their boats onto the beach to land their catch.

There’s a street market every Friday and a giant “rastro” (the Spanish equivalent of a car boot sale) on Sundays.

The development of the Sunday rastro, now one of the most popular events of its kind on the Costa del Sol, is evidence of the growing ex-pat influence here.

Curry houses, cheap Chinese restaurants, pizzerias and pubs offering British-style Sunday roasts are all indicators that Sabinillas is out to woo foreign tourists (especially the Brits) in ever-increasing numbers.

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