Angels trumpet Brugmansia

Angels trumpet Brugmansia fragrant evenings easy grow in most Spain

Eye Catching Angels trumpet Brugmansia Flower

Angels trumpet Brugmansia  is a heat-loving tropical or subtropical shrub that likes warm (80 -85 degrees F) days and cool nights. Spanish Gardening Books selection

How to Grow and Care for Angel Trumpet:

Angel Trumpet Brugmansia are easy to grow. They prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

They grow best in damp weather conditions, with warm days and cool nights.

Plants like a rich soil to fuel their fast growth. Mix a healthy dose of compost into the soil prior to planting.

Plants like a lot of water and nutrients. Keep soil moist. Add general purpose fertilizer when planting, and every two to three weeks during the season.

Switch to a high phosphorous formula just before the blooming period.

Angel Trumpet Brugmansia Flower are often grown in pots. Make sure to use a big container for this big, fast growing plant.

You may need to water it daily during hot, dry weather.

Keep the areas weeded when plants are young. A layer of mulch will keep weeds down, and create a neat appearance.

The mulch also helps to feed the big appetite of this plant.

Besides human urine, there are many naturally occurring sources of phosphorus that can be used in the garden, including bat guano (or feces), bone meal, crab and shrimp waste, burned cucumber skins, hair and mushroom compost. The nutritional value of these sources can vary a great deal.

BIG & BOLD Brugmansia Tree in full BLOOM. Angel trumpet care & Culture. How to Grow Burgmansia Trees

Brugmansia Angels trumpet is a genus of seven species of flowering plants in the Solanaceae family.

Their large, fragrant flowers give them their common name of angel’s trumpets.

Angels trumpet Brugmansia are easily grown in a fertile, moist, well-drained soil, in sun to part shade, in frost-free climates.

They begin to flower in late spring and continue into the fall, often continuing as late as early winter in warm conditions.

In cool winters, outdoor plants need protection from frost,

I winter mine in the garage with no trouble.

Brugmansia are native to tropical regions of South America,

Angels trumpet Brugmansia are fragrant in the evenings to attract pollinating moths.

All parts of Brugmansia are poisonous, with the seeds and leaves being dangerous. SO DON”T EAT THEM!!!

Angels trumpet Brugmansia for fragrant evenings.

Pruning Angel Trumpet Plants:

The trick to maximizing blooms on your Angel’s Trumpet, is to prune it often.

Pruning your Angels trumpet Brugmansia bush into a tree shape creates the often desired appearance.

Begin to prune the plant when the main trunk forms the first “Y”. 

Then, prune older branches, or stems, to encourage the plant to produce more branches.

Flowers will eventually appear on the terminal ends of the stems.

Brugmansia-1 Angels trumpet Brugmansia
Angels trumpet Brugmansia

Brugmansia Seeds and
Cutting can be obtained from here.

Brugmansia-pink Angels trumpet Brugmansia
Angels trumpet Brugmansia

Brugmansia Seeds and Cutting can be obtained from here.

Growing Brugmansia from Seed – Angel’s Trumpet.

Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean:
A Guide to the Native Plants

Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean is the most comprehensive and up-to-date plant identification guide to the area.

The western Mediterranean is one of the most important regions in the world for its outstanding biodiversity, boasting over 10,000 plant species.

The area encompasses southern Europe from the Portuguese Algarve in the west to Italy in the east, the islands (including the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia), and North Africa from Morocco in the west to Tunisia in the east.

Pyrostegia Venusta winter flowering

Angels trumpet Brugmansia

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