African Daisy

Arctotis Stoechadifolia African Daisy very attractive now try

African Daisy Arctotis stoechadifolia

Arctotis stoechadifolia African Daisy (Arctotis) these daisies are flowers that will grow in most climates and come back year after year plants can quickly cover an entire bed

How to Grow an African Daisy (Arctotis)

African Daisy

How to Grow an African Daisy (Arctotis). Part of the series: Growing Flower Gardens.

African daisies are flowers that will grow in most climates and come back year after year.

Plant and grow African daisies, an annual flower, with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on planting flowers and gardening.

Plants originated in southern Africa. Arctotis species have lobed leaves that are rough, hairy or woolly.

Their flower heads usually have a contrasting ring of colour around their central eye. Come in a variety of colours: White, pink, orange, yellow, and red.

Low growing, plant for mass colour, 2 plants can quickly cover an entire planter bed. Beautiful for the border where the flowers are produced in profusion throughout the summer, and excellent for cutting.

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PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT – African Daisy – DIMORPHOTHECA – 600 Finest Flower Seeds

Plant or animal product typeFlowers
BrandPremier Seeds Direct
Expected blooming periodSpring
Sunlight exposureFull Sun
Expected planting periodSpring
Moisture needsModerate Watering
Number of pieces600

African Daisy

African Daisy About this item – DIMORPHOTHECA

  • Planting Depth: 1/8″. Soil Temp for Germ.: 70-75°F. Days to Germ.: 15-20. Plant Spacing: 10″-12″. Days to Maturity: 80-90. Full Sun / Moderate Water
  • Sow seeds in Early to Mid spring undercover in warmth, in trays of good compost. Prick out to larger trays when large enough to handle.
  • Plant out to flowering position in full sun when large enough, allowing 10-12in between plants.
  • Professional DEFRA licenced Quality Seed Supply only – Minimal packaging – Ziplock labelled bags – Instructions not attached – See details provided above for cultivation advice.

The African daisy, Dimorphotheca Sinuata, is one of the colourful “must have” flowers you need for a beautiful garden.

Forming a dense mass of scented foliage which, given even a modicum of summer weather, will flower throughout the summer giving an extremely decorative mixture of brilliant pastel colours with some orange shades for contrast.

Excellent as a ground cover for large areas, borders, large pots and tubs where it will produce extravagant colour for weeks.

The African daisy has flowers that are 4 cm wide, which close at night, in the shade, and during cloud cover.

Also known as “Star of the Velt” and “Cape Marigold”. Instructions not attached – See details provided above for cultivation advice

African Daisy – MSU Extension Service

African Daisy

With horticulturist Gary Bachman. Southern Gardening television segments are produced by the Office of Agricultural Communications for the Mississippi State University Extension Service.



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